Bridian Lives in Hawai'i.

So I decided I should probably start updating my blog again. Since I have tons of free time. I don't know how to catch up or go back and tell about all my adventures, so I'll just start with where I'm at now. I'm going to school in Hawaii, and it's everything I ever dreamed it'd be :).

We found out recently that they're filming the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie at Turtle Bay, the resort that is ten minutes away from us. So Keri and I

took the bus down there and went exploring. We never did see the ship, any cameras, or any famous people. But we did find a seal!

I'm aware that it looks like it's dead...Keri and I both thought it was. I was going to touch it right as a wave came up and washed over it, causing it to start thrashing and we realized that it was alive. Which caused us to run away screaming. Because seals are so know....

Another noteworthy event is that last week we went to Hanauma Bay, which is one of the best snorkeling places in the world!

My camera died as soon as we got in the water, of course, but I got a few pictures:

Okay so it was only one picture and it wasn't very good, but you get the idea. Anyway, we found out that we get in for free (because we're students) so we will be going back there for better pictures. After we decided we were done snorkeling (because gear broke, we were tired, someone started hyperventilating, the usual) the guys decided to bury me in the sand. And make it look like I was getting eaten by a shark. This wasn't as much fun as it looks. Every time I breathed (which I have to admit...I do often) I was yelled at by a chorus of discouraged artists.

Well that's it for now I suppose. I'll probably blog every time it rains, since all activities out here require sun! :)

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