All the feelings that our hearts find will be just what we expect

I'm learning things about people. Good things, bad things, and things that my mom has been telling me all along. I'm learning things I'm doing wrong, things I'm doing right, and things I'm not doing at all. I think I may be growing up a little bit. I am not sure how I feel about it. Sometimes I want to just stay young and immature. But sometimes being mature and responsible is cool...mostly only when it's easy.

This is Luisa. She is really, really cool. I enjoy being around her and listening to her accent and trying to copy her mannerisms and confidence. She makes me want to be a better person. I like that. When I am around her, I am content with myself. That is a good thing.

I am worried. And excited. And very very nervous. I hope things turn out the way I want. But they probably will not. So I hope that I will be happy with whatever happens. Ahhhh.

I could use a good sunburn.

[Title from Savannah by Relient K]

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