Content like a panda bear

Yesterday was an adventure. It started off as a good day. Actually the whole day was good, so I suppose I should say it started off as productive. I got up early and went to the gym completely on my own will, which is something I do often. I wish that were true. The Asian called me 14 times until I woke up and forced me to go with him to the gym. I was up early enough for breakfast (also a rare occasion...breakfast ends at ten, mind you) where I ran into my roommate. It was the first time I've ever seen her outside the room, EVER. It was odd. We had our first actual conversation, and it was just the general get-to-know-you stuff. Yes, we have been living together for almost two months now and no, we did not find this necessary before now.
I checked my mail (2 new packages! Yes!) and then went back to my room and finished watching a scary movie that I was too chicken to finish the night before. Then this freak called me

and asked if I wanted to go to Kaneohe with her and shop for her friend's birthday present. Of course I did. And of course, we took thousands of myspace-style pictures.

We're pretty pro at getting creepers to look and pretend they're part of the picture. We're so good at it that we don't even have to ask them. They just do it on their own.

This one is for my parents, who undoubtedly love and miss my muppet face.

Apparently this is how people "smile" in the Cook Islands where she's from.

On the bus ride home we met a precious gem named Bryson, Mason, or Tom. He proudly announced that he'd drunk a bottle of vodka before getting on the bus and kissed each of us on the cheek. He then proceeded to explain that the cast on his arm was because he'd whacked somebody. He wanted to share Lauran's iPod and of course she obliged, because she is a kind soul. She was also nice enough to share her phone number with him and throughout the remainder of the day and well into the night she received an abundance of thoughtful, drunk calls and texts.

Last night there was a Summer Bash at The Club. Oh how I wish that meant there was something going on that was exciting. It means that the caf decided to hire a three person band of forty year old men with British accents and have a watermelon eating contest. Lakoi and I decided to spice it up by accidentally dousing each other/people around us with water, then sprite, then pink lemonade (pink lemonade DOES sting when it gets in your eyes, for the record). I promise, it started as an accident.

[Title from Panda Bear by Owl City]

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