Every morning I wake up and...

Here are some things I do lately.

- Window shop online. It is really a great feeling to click on everything you want, add it all to your cart, and then...close the whole window.

- Rearrange my room. My roommate might hate me at this point, since I've basically made our room a maze.

- Read the Book of Mormon in Spanish. My Spanish has completely deteriorated due to lack of use.

- Watch the rain, sun, and moon rotate through the sky. It's intense activity.

- Listen to Basshunter, hence the blog title. (For those of you that caught it, kudos.)

- Look for another job with more hours.

-Check out books from the library/ hide in the library and read them.

-Get inspired/ make lists at 43 Things.

- Think about things that make me sad.

- Think about things that make me happy.

-Watch Make it or Break it--the only tv show I've watched regularly. Don't judge.

- Listen to more Basshunter. It reminds me of living with the Brandes family in Germany, perusing the Champs-Élysées with mom, Cody, and the other guy, and dancing in the streets of Italy.

- Writing down some of my favorite memories, and things that I miss about past lives.

-Learning how to say "I'm going to kill you" in different languages:
ako ay patayin mo (filipino)
ukh meer baina uu (mongolian)
te voy a matar (spanish...okay I already knew that one, fine.)
And I can't write in Japanese or Chinese yet, but I do know those.

These are all thanks to the people I work with. Why on Earth they're eager to teach me threats I have no idea. But I appreciate it.

- Making a list of all the places I've met people from. That is a grammatically terrible sentence, but oh well. English is no longer my primary language. Ha. Anyway, I will probably put up the list in a bit when I find a creative way to display it. Just because I enjoy bragging.

- Miss/worry about my family.

- Sleep/beach/sleep at the beach/ beach in my sleep.

- Learn new songs on the piano and ukulele.

-Play soccer/volleyball with people who can't speak English.

- Make a list of all the countries I'm going to live in before I die.

I love summer. Especially in Hawaii.

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