I'll swim the ocean for you

The dorms here are really, really, really small. As in my-bedroom-was-bigger-and-it-wasn't-shared-with-a-roommate small. Therefore, we have to get pretty creative with the way the furniture is arranged. I think Keri succeeded at arranging her room most creatively.

We put one bed on top of the closets and the other bed on top of the night stands. It made some really cool imitation bunk beds, but it also brought hatred/anger from the RA's who always try to punish us for having fun.

When we're not tormenting the RA's, Keri and I like to make music videos and ride our bikes/longboards to the beach in formal attire.

Getting mail/packages is always fun, especially when you have a nice guy friend who likes to take creative liberties with your name, like Bridian "Crazy" Mortensen, or Bridian Dorkensen.

In other news, Netflix has become my new best friend.

[Title from Kelsey by Metrostation]

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