Keep it so cool like me

Here are some other things:

These are my babies. And they are currently in the Ukraine. I miss them. And I am envious.

My mum took this picture while we were waiting for the rental car. Looking at this picture makes me think that I didn't really bring a lot of stuff to college. But looking around my little room overflowing with 'stuff' makes me think otherwise.

Speaking of my mum...

This is one of my favorite pictures of us. This one's a close second:

Which brings me to another few favorites:

I don't think I've ever been so excited to be Trick-or-Treating in my life. Here's why:

Just a shout out to another one of my very favorite people in life. Her name is so appropriately Joy, which is always what I feel around her.

This chick is another one of my idols:

And here is a little boy that I LOVE (okay that did sound really pedophile-ish, I will admit). You may know him...his name is Micheal Jackson.

I also miss this one quite a bit:

And I dearly miss having this one be a phone call/text message away:

[Title from Zero by Varsity Fanclub]

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