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It’s been raining off and on all day but I decided to risk it and go to the beach with a friend. As we were laying there talking it started raining. Normally I would have freaked out and ran for shelter, but he wasn’t moving so neither was I. We just sat there and let it rain on us. It was a nice thing. Hawaii is teaching me to be less particular; less uptight.


Today I wanted to get a picture of something and all I had was my phone. I went to transfer the picture from my phone to my computer and I found all sorts of precious gems, which led me to compile a list of “You Know You’re at BYU-Hawaii When…”, complete with pictures. Enjoy :)


You know you’re at BYU-H when the devotional musical number is a boy playing Come Thou Fount on the steel drums. It was a confusing combination of churchy and beachy.




When they have so much confusion about the Fourth of July that they have to create workshops explaining what the holiday even is. I do not mean this in a condescending way at all—I think it’s so cool that we have people that aren’t obsessed with America!






When you see rainbows every day, and on good days you see double rainbows! (look closely)Photo0639 When Beatrice Foong’s boyfriend tapes paper flowers to the wall outside our hale. That is one lucky girl. Seriously.


When you can’t get out of your room because the maintenance men have trapped you in. I guess along with this I could tell the multiple stories of times when they forget to announce their presence in the hale and have walked in on friends in their underwear, towels, and other revealing attire.

Photo0624T When this getup is not only acceptable, but popular. 70’s? Are these my legs or my father’s? I’m pretty sure with some effort I could find an identical from my dad’s Hawaiian days…





When bus rides aren’t boring because they’re scenic and you meet interesting people.




[Title from Is It Any Wonder by Keane]

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