Bridian...Eats. Haha

Alright so this is me and Megan (yes, mom, it's me and Megan, not Megan and I) on our first adventure into Waikiki. We went to Cheesecake Factory one Friday afternoon and it was quite an adventure. Of course we had to document it with a thousand pictures of ourselves, teenage girl style. Hooray. We did have an eventful trip though. There was a waiter serving the area next to us that kept looking at Meg (and she was certainly looking back) and we ended up leaving numbers. We were invited to bbq at his 'place' later, and he even mentioned that he had beer (woo hoo!!), but unfortunately we had things to go home and sleep.

At the beginning and end of every semester they have an opening/closing social (respectively). Sometimes it means a bounce house, waterside, dancing, volleyball, LOTS of food, games, etc. However, during summer term (when all the important people leave, I guess) they only have the energy for a dance. If we're lucky, they serve shave ice and watermelon. This was one of those nights. The dances here aren't quite what I was expecting. They play some R&B, and a LOT of reggae. There's not really a way to dance to either...people mostly just stand and sway. The room comes to life when there's a line dance (we're getting sick of the Cha Cha Slide already...) and then promptly empties when a slow song comes on (okay, that part is to be expected..some things never change). So needless to say we're starved for food and adventure after the dance ends. And the only thing open at two morning is Denny's. Therefore, we made a trip to Denney's (uh...I guess all we do is eat?) where the waitress was convinced she knew each of us from somewhere different. Crazy people work late at night.

And after writing all that, I realize that I have my nights completely confused. This was the same group of people that went to Denny's, but this picture was actually from when we made a fantastic journey to Wal-Mart (I never realized what a blessing it was to have Wal-Mart so close. A 30 minute trip to pick up a few things is just never worth it)and then we went and saw Knight and Day. And that is what's up.

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