Through the tangled thread the needle finds a way

Saturday is my second favorite day of the week. Mainly because I love sitting in the caf watching infomercials while I eat a salad/ PB&J because they don't like to cook real foods on Saturdays. But also because my parents instilled the Saturday-is-the-day-we-get-ready-for-Sunday habits in me. Saturday is the only day of the week when my room is clean, organized, vacuumed, etc. And it is a peaceful feeling. Granted, come tomorrow morning (as I try to find an outfit for church) the room will resume it's normal state--looking like a hurricane hit, almost literally. So I enjoy it while I can. I also like pretending that I have errands to run. It is like playing house, except less fun. I went to the library...I...well okay that was the only 'errand' I had today. But you better believe I got it done. And I did a good job of it, too.

Lakoi and I went to Ala Moana today. Ala Moana is shopping on steroids. I think the stores there are more expensive then those on Champs-Élysées. I honestly never really was aware of so many Asians, but they certainly flock there, spending all their U.S. dollars [play money] on Miu Miu, Hermès, Prada, Kate Spade, and other stores that I've only read about in books. Lakoi and I decided it'd be fun to just walk through some of them, with our obviously dirt cheap clothes and lowly Pac Sun bags. Don't worry, we were literally followed by security guards in every store. Some were more discreet than others, but it happened. I almost wished that I were ridiculously rich and had hundreds to spend on something, just to prove a point. Remember when I thought $30 was a lot to spend on a shirt? Welcome to a land where semi-unattractive dresses like this one cost over $400. Really? I just don't understand. And I probably will never understand. I am genuinely proud when I find a $3 shirt on the sale rack at Forever 21. I hope I will stay that way.

I miss my momma. She has the flu. Since I can't bring her breakfast in bed, I just mail her Mauna Loa chocolates, which probably do not help.

Last night we threw a surprise party for Hailey. First, a bit about Hailey. She's the oldest member of the Gardiner Sisters. I'd never heard of them, but they have met the Jonas Brothers and are producing with a real company that also produced songs for someone famous [that I cannot name, which further proves my point] and are therefore legit. Check them out before they get really really famous!

Anyway. It was Hailey's birthday yesterday so we threw a surprise party, complete with lame attempts at distracting ["Come help me take this stuff to the dumpster"] and pathetic excuses for getting her there ["I have to go give something to my friend...I can't remember her name"].

This is Hailey, after she got a cupcake shoved in her face.


We even had a Hannah Montana piñata. How much more official can a party be?

Me and ol' Double D. And Trinity. Goodness...

Lastly, but most certainly not least, this is Tom. He is from Vietnam. He speaks Vietnamese, Finnish (FINNISH!!!), and English. He served his mission in Georgia, so no, he didn't learn mission Finnish. He just learned it. One of the hardest languages in the world. He's one of those people that I genuinely enjoy talking to. He's so intelligent. He listens to books on his iPod. Like, how to be more effective in getting things done and the dichotomy of English literature. Things that a lot of native English speakers and most Americans can't even understand. And this is his third language. He knows lots about chemistry, biology, how things work, and about the gospel. He devotes lots of time to learning and knowledge. I think that is so cool! I honestly can't say that I spend free time researching things that interest me. But after spending hours talking to him and reading this I feel eager to peruse knowledge and use that knowledge to develop wisdom.

[Title from I'm Asking Her to Stay by Sherwood]

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