The waves is on fire, the day is getting hot

Yesterday we went to Ala Moana. And by we I mean...well I don't really know who I mean by that. I came with this group:

And I left with this group:

It was a pretty good day. Keri went to Victoria's Secret for the first time (???) and I got to buy a plethora of $0.37 notebooks from Wal-Mart. A productive day, overall.

This is Keri and Kourtney working on their synchronized drinking. These pictures weren't posed, which makes it more amusing.

The ride home was quite a trip. Ala Moana, Waikiki, and basically civilization is about an hour away so we took the bus down. On the way back we got on the bus to Kaneohe, hoping to see the Pirates of the Caribbean set that they'd moved. We saw it on the way up but we wanted to see if we could get off and get closer. Unfortunately we were on the wrong bus and missed it entirely. So we got off at the Windward Mall and transferred to the bus that would take us to Laie. We had been on the bus for about ten minutes when we saw it through the window. (Yeah, we were completely confused about where it was/ where we were). So we got off the bus and tried to go see it. We couldn't get very close, but still..we saw it.

(the first picture was from on the way up, and that's all the cast and crew)

Evidently Johnny Depp was coming at 9.30, and there was a huge line of people waiting to see him. We considered waiting, but it was only 7.30 and we were tired and just wanted to go home. So we did.

We started walking down the road towards the next bus stop when a couple girls decided they wanted to hitch hike. They stuck their thumbs up and sure enough a truck pulled over and offered us a ride back to Laie. I decided it'd be fun to pretend to have a Danish accent, so I faked one the whole half hour drive home. The girls were hilarious and played off it really well. The guys that were driving had no idea, I'm sure.

Yesterday the group I went up with was mostly Asians, and we spent a while trying to figure out who had change, who had bigger bills, who was paying for whom, and how this was all going to work out. As I watched them carelessly pass their money around it reminded me of being in Europe and using the Euro to pay for everything. The money is bright and colorful and doesn't have any serious meaning to me. I realized that this is one of my favorite things about the people I live around. Nothing matters to them except happiness. If they see someone's in need or could use any help or substance they are so quick to give up some of their own. It was a good reminder for me-- sometimes I use having no money/resources as an excuse to not worry so much about others or to cling to what I have. But watching them and being around them reminded me that the more I worry about and try to help others, the happier I'll be at the end of the day.

[Title from Cool Down by Kolohe Kai]

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