We can dance until we die

I rearranged my furniture again today. That makes the third time since I moved into this dorm...which was four weeks ago. I don't know why I've done it so often, it just has become a regular activity. I've also gotten to know my room mate a little bit better. I really really like her. She reminds me of a Disney character, but I'm not quite sure which one.

I think there's a lot of Yzma in her--

Don't get me wrong; she is neither evil nor old and wrinkly. She just is very animated. She talks very lively with lots of interjections, and the face in above picture is a face she has mastered. Maybe one day I will get it on camera. I don't know if that will ever be possible, but I would probably print it out and hang it up. It is a very endearing face. And for the record, she's also gotten down these two faces:

(the one on the left).

When I'm not analyzing my room mate/comparing her to Disney characters I'm usually at work. Work has been interesting lately. A few days I was waiting on a really friendly table. They got up and returned a few minutes with a baby kitten that they graciously placed in my care. I'm assuming (or maybe hoping) that they found it at the PCC and were just trying to find a home for it. I do not know. Anyway. I brought the cat home and gave it to Keri who found an anonymous home for it (since we've all gotten called into the housing office for illegally hosting animals, some of them unbeknown to us...)

I also got another tip the other day. Yes, tipping is generally a common thing among waitressing, but I am not technically a waitress and therefore I am not allowed to keep tips. Anyway. It's really sweet of people to do so. Especially since they know we're all college kids. I had two ladies give me a twenty once. They remembered what it was like to be in college and they were really generous. It's not really about the money for me. It's just nice to have people be thoughtful and thankful and it really does make my day.

Today there was a couple that came in long after the show had ended to get some food (a really rare occurrence). They were seated at a table near my area. Well, the wife was sitting. The husband was standing, holding a baby. After about twenty minutes of cleaning and discreetly observing, I decided that I would go offer my help. I asked him if he wanted help, thinking that maybe I could get him a plate of food or something. He brightened, and said "Oh, you want to hold her?", offering the small child to me. I shrugged and said sure. Then the wife jumped in. She looked down and in a soft, firm voice, said "You already ate." The guy literally paled. He muttered that he was still hungry. The wife gave him a death glare and then said that she would take the baby while he got food. He went up to where the food was and took a dessert plate and went over to the huge table of Polynesian food. I offered him a normal sized dinner plate. He sort of gave me a sheepish look and told me he only wanted one piece of chicken. It was really odd. I left them alone for the rest of the time they were there, but heard some heated conversation. Yikes.

On a lighter note, my friend got in trouble today for turning on the fire hydrant to retaliate in the ongoing water battle. Yes. The fire hydrant. I mean yes, that's weird that he would think to turn on the fire hydrant. But the fact that it's there, accessible, and the fact that he with his bare hands could turn it off and on...I dunno. The whole situation made me cry laughing. Remembering it makes me laugh.

Some other things I've been laughing at lately? Judy Grimes. My goal in life is to be able to keep a straight face the way she does. (Also Seth Meyers is in this clip, and I think he and I would be good friends.) Kristen Wig is pretty great. She does the so excited skits that Lys and I used to die laughing at. Oh how I miss alyssa.

Anyway. Catalog Living is also pretty funny. I think so anyway. But then again, I suppose I'm just a bored college kid.

Keri and I went to Chinaman's Hat a few days ago. We got picked up by a creeper. We actually knew this creeper, but he was driving a kidnapper van. He was our friend, but anyone can be a creeper if they grow a beard.

[Title from Teenage Dream by Katy Perry]

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