You can't deny so just tell me why

This is Double D. (uhh..yeah, I know.) He is from Vietnam. His claim to fame is being yellow and being a good singer, and repeatedly using the catchphrase "crazy or what?"

This is Brad. He is from California. He's really good at pretending to be gay and singing N'SYNC.

This is Ben. He is from England and therefore has an accent. It's hard to understand him when he mumbles. This coat is popular in England, and this is what a typical English man would look like while watching a proper football match (translation: legit soccer game).

The four of us spend time driving around singing boy band songs (mostly from the 90's) and wreaking general havoc around the island.

This is from when I got to go shopping with them. Which equated to me telling them what would look good on them and convincing them not to buy ugly things. Boys really aren't good at that.

Then Brad decided that he had to ruin the fun by going home for two weeks. We were lucky enough to be allowed to drive him to the airport.

I really don't understand what they were all torn up about. None of us like each other that much anyway.

[Title from It's Gonna Be Me by N'SYNC]

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