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Lately I've been missing my family. I keep having flashbacks of random memories from my childhood and they're all associated with country music. Growing up I tried to hate country music. My parents would listen to it and I would tell myself that I didn't like it. Today I went through and looked up every phrase of every song that was in my head. Hello 40+ country songs by Trace Adkins, Kenny Chesney, Diamond Rio, Rascal Flatts and others. It actually reminded me of the one vacation we took to Orlando with my mom's side of the family plus Curtis and CMT was playing the whole time. Yeah. I'm now back into country. The weirdest part is that I still know all the words to the songs even though I haven't heard these songs in years. It's amazing how much they stick in your mind.

As much as I've tried to spend all my spare time re-discovering country music, school as started again. Ahhhhh. It's actually not dreadful yet since the novelty is still there. It's ridiculous how many people are here now. I think the number of students tripled with the start of fall semester. The classes are packed know, a full thirty people instead of fifteen :) My favorite class is a tie right now between Māori and hula. Māori because I embarrass myself trying to speak and hula because I get to watch girls from Utah embarrass themselves by trying to dance. It is going to be a good semester.

UPDATE: Today we had two new additions to our hula class...Sister Wheelright and Sister Checketts! [President Wheelwright is the president of the school and Brother Checketts is the vice president]. This class just got a lot more entertaining!

How could I write a post without a shoutout to my momma? The title today is from Don't Worry 'Bout A Thing by SheDaisy, and my mom was notorious for playing the music video over and over as she danced around her room singing. Just listening to the first three seconds of this song literally relieves stress because it reminds me of my mom and how she taught me, by example, how to choose to be happy. Thanks mom!

Also I really wanted to be the black haired girl when I grew up. Then I realized the blonde one was much, much prettier :)

Work today was quite a series of unfortunate events. Today was my first day working my new longer hours at work. New hours are a good thing because A. instead of coming in right before the luau starts I get to come in early and help set up. It's cool to see everything before it's all pretty and perfect. and B. more hours = more $$$ and let's face it...I'm a college student and therefore I'm perpetually broke. So I was excited to work today and I was happy at the beginning. Actually I wasn't ever unhappy, it was just not ideal. I tripped up the stairs, broke my only pair of work shoes [we're required to wear sandals with a heel strap and I only own flip flops], had unpleasant customers, spilled two pitchers of juice and water, etc. But it is over and I'm going to be rich. Okay not really but whatever.

Annnnd I was reminded of how much I hate hate hate bad grammar. I mean sometimes I use it when writing or speaking in a casual situation. But I got an email from the Diving Club [so excited about that!]. Aren't I lucky to be "apart" of this club? There "is a lot of divers", and "sense when do we have meetings without food" ???? Yeah, this is gonna be good.

And I couldn't end the day without a good ol' "Only In Hawaii" picture.

Last but certainly not least, yesterday was my Dad's birthday!

I love that guy. I'd like to thank him for bringing me drinks at night so that I didn't die and for letting me help him with the yard work and for letting helping me and Lys dump detergent into the Sunrise Lakes fountain and coaching my soccer team and helping us toilet paper houses and chasing the bus when I missed it and picking me up from school and not getting too mad when I hit him with the truck and making waffles at game night and teaching me to chew up sunflower seeds and for, most importantly, never saying yes when I asked him if he only wanted two daughters instead of three. I miss him very very much and I want him to come to Hawaii. [mom can you make sure he reads that! maybe he'll have a free day sometime soon?]

[Title from Don't Worry 'Bout a Thing by SheDaisy]

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