If this isn't love, this is the closest I've ever been

Well I finally got off this little island. I left Sunday, got to the airport three hours too early, and somehow didn't miss a single flight the entire trip. The overnight flights were pretty killer, but I'm very, very glad I got there safely! I'm also glad that the intoxicated, obnoxious drunk guys sitting by me left me alone and preferred to talk about football the whole way.

When I actually got to Portland I was pleasantly surprised at how cold it was. I loved it! It was about sixty degrees the whole time I was there, and it was heaven! The dryness was another story. Anyway. I flew out there because my friend Roth was getting married. Roth is from cool is that! So I got to the airport and was greeted by Roth, her fiance Micheal, his three sisters, one of the sisters' husbands, and my boss from work (??) They picked me up and told me we were going to get doughnuts. I'm not really a fan of them, but of course I wasn't going to object. As it turns out, we were going to Voodoo Doughnuts which they saw on the Food Network.

Don't worry, it took us two hours of waiting in line to get the doughnuts. And to be honest, they did not disappoint.

This is Carl [one of the husbands] eating the famous Voodoo Doughnut.

Uhh this one was called the Old Dirty Bastard. I personally would have named it Oreo Delight, but that's probably why I don't work at Voodoo Doughnut.

The famous pink boxes.

Holly [Micheal's sister] eating a Portland Cream...again, I'm pretty sure it's called a Boston Cream. But that's just me.

This is Micheal, and I have no idea what he's eating.

These are some of the leftovers. They were ridiculously filling and we bought way too many. I still can't believe we waited in line TWO HOURS for these. Especially since I don't like doughnuts. But they weren't bad. And we were entertained by an...outgoing homeless person who was thinking of creative ways to convince people to give him money. Okay, I was probably the only one who was entertained. Everyone else in line was annoyed, including the Hindu family who he [unintentionally, I'm sure] offended.

This is Regina Valentine, my boss at work, standing under a Valentine sign that we passed while waiting in line. We're clever, I know.

After that we went to the Nike Outlet (real stores!!! ahhhhhh) and then we split up, since the girls needed manicures/pedicures. I was meant to participate but...I was tired.

I'm sure I made a great first impression on these people, especially my boss. Ha. Granted, it was about four in the morning Hawaiian time. And I wasn't the only one who was tired.

[This is Roth, the bride.]

Holly was just excited.

This is Mandy, who everyone said I looked like.

This is ridiculous. These are Roth's REAL nails, just with polish on them. This picture is going on my wall to motivate me to stop biting mine all the time.

After the manicures/naptime we went to get Roth's haircut. She has SUCH long, pretty hair! The lady cut quite a few inches off and it still went all the way down her back. Then we headed to the church to set up for the reception. This included hanging lights, folding napkins, setting up tables, all that jazz. It was nice to have a chance to earn my keep :)

After hours of being at the church we headed back to the house, which was actually in Washington. I love love love their house! It's a quaint little house that looks like it's out in the middle of the country, even though it's not too far from civilization.

We prepared chocolate covered strawberries for the reception, made last minute trips to Albertson's for essentials (including pimento cheese...what?), put together a throw-away bouquet, and FINALLY got to sleep!

The next day was the day of the wedding. So of course, this involved getting the bride ready. I left the task to Holly and Regina, while I sat in the bathtub taking pictures. Amy [the Mom] was in there getting ready, and various girls in the family came in and took showers while we were in there. It's amazing how strangers can be so comfortable with each other.

This is Grandma, who probably spent a good 24 hours ironing literally everything. Tablecloths, napkins, people's clothes, you name it she ironed it.

This is Roth and I. She was ready...and I wasn't. Ha. But they all left earlier than me and Marcy [another sister]. We went to pick up flowers/corsages, etc. And of course I took pictures of the drive over. I don't know why, but I was really fascinated by the fact that within the twenty minutes it took to drive from the house to the temple we changed states.

Then came the wedding

And a crazy good luncheon with way too much Thai food

And the reception where I caught the bouquet...oops.

And evidently I was the only one not too concerned about the wedding to worry about doing some damage to the car. We didn't really have anything to use, so we tied some ginger ale bottles to the back with wire and used cake frosting to write on the windows. Then I had to move the car around to the door and while trying not to get cake frosting on the steering wheel I accidentally turned on the windshield wipers and smeared the front pretty badly. Well actually I guess the whole thing was pretty much a disaster because we ended up tagging the wrong car. We first decorated the blue car, but they weren't actually driving that car. So they got into it (out of pity) to drive home and get their suitcase. Then we decorated the white car for their second departure.

Then there was the typical after-wedding events...give the leftover food to the bishop and run around with the three year old while everyone else cleans up. It took us a while to unload everything when we got home, and we had SO much food. Seriously, SO much.

I kept repeatedly thinking of that part from the Incredibles when Edna Mode looks at Mr. Incredible and goes "My God, you've gotten fat".

Anyway. We all sat around and ate for a while. Then they busted out the cards and I went to sleep. I felt bad sleeping but I literally fell asleep in a chair. The next morning I went home at six in the morning. I have no idea how I woke up for the fight, but it all turned out okay. I had the entire row to myself on the six hour flight home and so I took the four pillows and blankets and laid down and slept, much to the resentment of other passengers.

This is probably my all-time favorite picture:

These are the Binghams. They were mission presidents when Roth was on her mission and they drove all the way from Idaho for the wedding. Brother Bingham probably didn't make this face on purpose, but I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't. He's such a character. Between him and Chad, who was Michael's dad, I was laughing the entire trip. Though it's always nice to come home to Hawaii, I really enjoyed being around families, good food, civilization, and the strange city of Portland.

[Title from Audrey, Start the Revolution! by Anberlin]

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  1. don't you love the norhwest?! i had no idea you were in oregon!!! looks like you had a lot of fun :)