I've got the magic in me

My life is so good right now. But then again, I suppose my life has always been good. It's not always been easy, or even enjoyable, but it has always been good. It's so easy to think about how good things have in the past, or what my life will be like once this phase is over, but I'm really enjoying it right now. I love driving around the sunny island, feeling the sun soak into my skin and brighten my mood. I love driving down the coast seeing the green trees and crystal clear water. I love driving around with good friends listening to recently discovered music and singing at the top of my lungs. I love the people I'm friends with, and that makes it easier not to be bothered by people's actions. I love the kiwis. I love their humor, acceptance, generosity, and deep love for everyone. I love hanging out at Surfin Tacos, with it's lack of walls, and its surfing pictures and surfer clips/rugby matches on tv. I love going to Foodland barefoot, going to work with sand on my toes because I came straight from the beach. I love how much I hate the caf food. I love that anywhere I go on this island I can find something rare and fascinating and that there will always be things undiscovered. I love that as people come and go in my life I know that I can always find good friends. I love that I can go to the beach every day. I love that there are so many missionaries here, especially happily married senior couples. I love that the auditorium with the grand piano is available for me to use. I love sneaking into the Turtle Bay hot tubs and staring at the stars. I love having deep conversations about everything and nothing. I love accents and languages and all the things that I do or don't understand. I love sitting in the cold corners of the top floor of the library, hiding from the world with books. I love laying in the grass underneath the palm trees. I love my cozy room and I love that I can leave the door open all night bringing in an ocean breeze. I love when I stop and look around me and literally feel pure joy. I love when I can't suppress a grin, just because I am enjoying being alive. I am happy. Because I want to be. And I love Hawaii. :)

[Title from Magic by B.o.B.]

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