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Well the past couple of days have been completely exhausting since I went back to the mainland for a wedding. More on that later.

I took the brit snorkeling at Shark's Cove.

I'm learning that it's really, really hard to take pictures of fish underwater. There were some really cool fish there, and these pictures hardly do them justice.

Today was the end of the car-driving adventures. Luisa and I tried to clean out the car before the owner got back. It was ridiculously disgusting. There were literally roaches and spiders everywhere. We threw away tons of crap and vacummed it and filled up the airs with tires, which required me calling and texting pictures to my dad asking him questions about everything.

This was one of the many trips I made to the airport to drop people off/pick people up.

And really, driving around the island never gets old. Even when it's 5 in the morning:

And really, it's hard to complain about anything when you're driving down the coast of Hawaii listening to Jack Johnson and watching the sunrise.

It's really never a bad thing.

It was also a convenient time to have a car because it was moving time! I got to help people move out of the dorms and off campus. I have to say, my very favorite was this lady:

I swear, I can't remember her name to save my life. But she's Ida's mom. Ida is the Pregnant Princess. She is evidently the daughter of some famous/important Chinese emperor/magistrate...something like that. She is notorious for tattling and getting people into trouble. And she is, in fact, pregnant. Go figure. Anyway. I love love love her mom. She doesn't speak any English, except to say thank you. She's such a sweet lady. Every time I go into the kitchen to make popcorn she's in there cooking food for Ida. I always give her popcorn and she always gives me whatever is in the pan. I wish I knew what I was eating...I'm pretty sure it's rare sea creatures. It always burns my tongue, since she takes it straight from the pan into my mouth. Of course, I protest, hoping maybe I can wait for it to cool off before I eat it. But she probably thinks I'm denying the food, so she insists on me eating it, immediately. So though I may be down a few taste buds, I have loved seeing this lady and I am sad to see her go.

And, as always, there was a Korean birthday party.

I am getting better at my peace signs.

[Title from Ever After by Carrie Underwood]

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