Utan Stjärnorna

Work last night was a disaster. Here's the story. The night was good, there weren't a lot of people that came, and we finished almost an hour early due to Haunted Lagoon (which I am SO excited for!). But then I decided to help the runner load the cups back onto the truck to take back to the luau from the kitchen. So the glass cups are put into racks like these:

and then stacked about five high on these metal carts:

On top of the cups goes three racks of plastic decanters like these:

The decanters are lighter, so they go on top, preventing the cart from being top heavy and falling over. Well someone in the kitchen stacked them backwards, putting the glass cups on top. I did not notice this, unfortunately. I went to put them onto the truck and THE WHOLE THING FELL OVER. So all the glass cups fell out, and about 200 of them broke. It was terrible. All the warehouse people came out, including the boss who asked the runner what happened. He looked at me, hesitated, then looked at me again. And he said "Well...she was going...I was pushing the other one and....". The supervisor got the gist of what had happened, and we started cleaning up. I was amazed how many of the cups didn't break. I was also amazed at how quickly my co-workers decided it was quittin' time and went home. The whole time I was cleaning up I was torn between laughing and crying. It was bad, really really bad, but I was trying to see the humour in the situation. This kind of stuff definitely doesn't happen every day. Then I had to call MY boss and explain to her why the truck wasn't back yet and why we were a few racks short of cups. It didn't go as bad as I expected it to, to be honest. Then I clocked out and went home with two huge bruises on both my knees where the rack had hit me. That was last night.

Today I went to work relieved to still have my job. I got to work and found out my job for the day was being controller. Which means that I had two jobs. The first was to set up the lei stands. Which means taking 55 leis out of 14 boxes and hanging them on stands. It was less difficult then it sounds.

As I was set up people walked by the luau and took pictures of me setting up. It's something I'm going to have to get used to. People ask to take pictures with me all the time and I really want to say no because I'm wearing a stupid unflattering dress and my hair is required to be in a bun with my bangs pulled back so I feel really weird. Then I remember that they are not trying to take a picture of me in particular. I am just a prop; merely part of the PCC experience. Huzzah.

My second job was to stand at the entrance and say "Aloha! How many people in your party?" and hand them off to someone else to seat them. I took the opportunity to use as many different accents as I could come up with. It got pretty hectic, since we have a 500+ count, including three cruises and seven tours. People in tour groups inevitably never know what is going on. They always get lost and they seem to rely on the leader to be the brains of the group. It's pretty humourous how lost they get without the tour guide next to their side. And then there are the occasional small groups that think they're part of the tour and just walk in and then have nowhere to sit. I also got to use my spanish today! I think it may have been awful because it's not used very often in a land of Polynesians and Asians, but it worked. After everyone was seated I just hung out the rest of the night. Later, despite the previous night's trauma, I decided to help the runner again. This time I let him push the cups and just moved the lift up and down. So I put my hand on the lift to jump up and a tiny piece of glass that was stuck in the crevices got stuck in my finger and made it bleed like crazy. That, my friends, is called consequences. Luckily the runner was a boy scout and carried a band-aid in his wallet. Ha. Then as we were walking back from the garage where we park the truck for the night I accidentally stepped in a frog. Goodbye white keds. I loved you when you were fresh and crisp and white. I am glad you cost $1, and I got my moneys worth.

Today was a pretty chill Saturday. I went to the beach-- which reminds me. Everyone at work today asked me if I went to the beach/how the beach was. My favorite response is to feign ignorance. "Huh? I didn't go to the beach today..." even though I currently look like this:

When I got back I cleaned my room and helped a blond turn her hair brown. And now I will either be good and go to sleep or be fun and go to a party. We shall see.

[Title from Utan Stjärnorna by Basshunter]

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