Party at a rich kid's house

Okay well I decided to post pictures of the Halloween Party right now, not later.

So this was my first work party, and wowww they are fun. Nothing like kickin it with people you see 20-40 hours a week. Haha. Just kiddingggg

This is R.J. I'm not sure what he was....actually I'm not sure what a lot of these costumes were. But he's a cute lil' guy anyway. I mean, yeah he's five years older than me. So what. He's still little.

I guess this was the best expression I could come up with. Jessica didn't even try. Palm is always ready though. Always ready.

Kiki!! One of my Asian followers. I didn't really ever figure out what she was, but I'm assuming she's from Alice in Wonderland. I think that seemed appropriate. I was Ke$ha, in case you couldn't figure it out.

Ana was part of the group dressed as seven deadly sins. She was either greed or anger...or lust...can't remember which.

This is my cheering face. My team lost. I wonder what the correlation was.

David came dressed as a pregnant lady. It was undoubtedly the scandal of the year.

These are my Asian sidekicks.

The party itself was pretty uninteresting. We played some relay races, ate some cold pizza, and danced like retards on the stage. Not a bad night, overall. Happy Halloween.

[Title from Party at Rich Kid's House by Ke$ha]

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