I am the greatest thundercat of them all

I am also a pretty fantastic procrastinator. Not only because it is Wednesday which means my history is due at midnight and I am choosing to blog instead. Also because I never do things I plan on doing. I was reading about someone who had something she was going to do for five years and she only just accomplished it. It wasn't a big task, but perhaps that was part of the problem. For example: I have a white sundress that I love wearing to the beach. Last summer I got punch on it. Red punch, nonetheless. Obviously it didn't come clean, so I need to bleach it. I've had it written on my to-do list since moving here. Come to think of it, I remember it being red when I packed it back in December to move to Utah. Now bleaching my dress isn't a hard task. It doesn't take much time or effort. So I don't know why I haven't done it. I just haven't. Just like I haven't finished my homework....

Ever since I was young I couldn't wait to move into my own place that I could decorate however I want and arrange however I want. I was determined to make it cute/chic/fancy (it changed with the week). Well I didn't realize that when I went to college I'd be living in a dorm that is about as big as my bathroom. So I've had to get pretty creative with the furniture arranging. I've rearranged my furniture at least twice a month since being here and yesterday was the most recent and currently my favorite. The room is always pretty crowded, but I was able to open up a corner and decorate it with stuff I've acquired since being here.

So this is my favorite part of the room (and by favorite I may mean the only part I actually like...) It's the corner by the door and since the door is always open (because it brings in the ocean breeze) it makes the room a lot more open. Complete with a string of stolen sunglasses, Chinese lanterns, and pictures of my family.

This is my nightstand. Noteworthy things would be the jewelry stand I made myself out of a clementine box and my dad's leftover wood and screws. Then there's the coconut candle (which is not coconut-scented, by the way) which I light illegally...with a stolen lighter. Yeah I'm pretty sketch these days. And then there's the piggy bank made by my best friend. It was a birthday present that I got before school one morning. I stuck it in my soccer bag, forgot about it, and then threw the bag on the floor shattering the porcelain pig. Luckily most of the pieces were able to be salvaged and glued back together. The only part that wasn't found was covered with band-aids, giving the pig character.

And then there's my wall with my multiple personalities drawing, German summerfest poster, and creeper Steven Gamson banners.

In other news, I'm officially a good Hula-er.

And I believe that's enough time wasted for tonight.

[Title from Lion-O by Relient k]

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