A flower and a hand

I went to Utah. Cross that off the list of things to do.

After missed flights, made flights, red eyes, miscommunications, and no sleep, i was rescued from the airport. As we were taking this picture, someone drove by and yelled "PUT SOME PANTS ON". Apparently spandex don't count as bottoms in Utah.

Marilyn and Deb were in the backyard cracking walnuts. This is my second favorite rendition of summer. The first, of course, being the Hawaiian beaches.

These each represent one of my personalities.

I thought I'd be cool and take pictures while lying in the grass. I will wear this til it falls off.

I love Deb being happy.

I do love this grass.

Then the punk showed up. I love that he reminds me of Jace. But it made me sad Jace wasn't there.

He brought his school pictures. Ha!

ANTM? Lady Gaga?
"I hate her." -Deb
"She is my idol." -Me
"What IS she?" -Marilyn

Sophie, right after the debacle with the hammock, screaming "LEAVE ME ALONE!" (At the hammock, not me. She pretended I wasn't there.) I miss her walking around saying "I'm just a raggedy old princess". Way to teach your kids self worth, Deb ;)

Alright, Utah in the summer is not miserable. I would even go so far as to say it's....nice.

How on earth I ended up at a mission reunion I'll never know. But I took the opportunity to do some good non-old-fashioned stalking. The only one that is acceptable to show to the public is this one. He's currently Alyssa's mission president! Too bad we can't text her picture messages anymore =(

Second mother. Top ten best people on Earth.

Fraction of the family taking a typically uncoordinated picture after a session of conference.

This is love:

My mom is an artistic photographer, no doubt.

I'm certain she was tiny once.

And what would Temple Square be without Lion House Rolls??

It was after this that we saw Jared and shared the wealth. No Tyler though. His fault. A shout-out though, as they make up 50% of my readers.

We went home and Aria scampered up a tree (?)

We helped Deb and T move into a new house. I can't imagine them living in a non-quirky house. Red carpet room, for the win.

I really liked this door. Don't ask.

It was neither exciting nor restful.


They had a little courtyard leading up to the front door. A nice combination of European style home design and caging children in like zoo animals.

The door again. Last time, I promise.

We needed to get groceries for dinner. Oh, real food. How I've missed you. I waited in the car and let Marilyn do the shopping. Conference plays on the radio? Only in Utah.

Then came the puking. First one, then two, then four. Waking up every half hour through the night to clean, sanitize, and rehydrate. This was as far as I ever got in my endeavors. This was 'round 4am.

I was lonely the next day. Literally everyone in the house was sick except me. Except I'm afraid I may have looked sick.

So I called in some company.

We had a miniature photographer.

Reunited. Not a moment too soon.

We made cookies and gave them to a boy. We forced a car to climb a mountain and we did not die nor did we let the soccer ball roll away.

We drove around and around listening to music and talking about answers to questions. We visited Carl and Peggy, and I remembered why they should have been the first people I saw. We went to wal-mart and secret places that we had to hike to. We swapped clothes and I didn't kill the car this time. I figured some things out. Red Robin is an official tradition. The trip was a success. Gurrrrlll....


The departure was depressing. The flight home was miserable. It is literally impossible to sleep in a coach seat. There are points of the flight where I literally felt like dying would physically be a relief. There was a small Asian boy named Dobby. I got back for October. Haunted Lagoon, Cultural Celebration, Temple Rededication. October is going to be good.

In other exciting news, Netflix just got the streaming rights for all the seasons of Monk AND Psych. So that's pretty much what I've been doing.

And, just for fun, some memories from past lives:

-Playing Hawaiian charades. You pick a word and have to write it out with your butt. Humiliating, hilarious, you know, all good qualities for a game. Mary had to write a word with X in it, and we never did figure it out.

- Running around the track and Falcon Cove warming up for the best soccer game of my life. I miss that rush of adrenaline.

[Title from Dear Jamie by Hellogodbye]

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  1. Well it was about time!!! I love this, it was "the best!" :) Haha