Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere

Today at work I decided that I wanted to document some of the process. And of course, all I had was my camera phone. One day I'll go in with a real camera and take really cool pictures. For now.

So we go in at 4 and we start with a meeting. It's partially a formality and a way to bore us to death with announcements, but it's mostly a way to stall until the truck gets here for us to unload.

After we unload the truck then we have to go do our assigned jobs. My job today was to uncover the imu. [The imu, for those of you who've never lived in Hawaii, is an underground oven used to cook delicious pua'as !]So I go over the bridge to get to the imu and this is what I see. I wish the picture were better, but yeah this is another perk to working in paradise!

So this is the imu, after I've taken off the huge trash bag covering it. It still has the carpet-like layers, as well as layers of burlap bags.

My job is to take off all of the heavy layers and drag them into this tunnel. Seriously, they weigh a TON! And they're really really hot since their purpose is to trap in the heat of the rocks. My hand always burns and smells like campfire when I'm done. Anyway, into the creepy tunnel we go.

Once inside the tunnel I promptly drop the stuff anywhere I can and get the heck out of there. I'm telling you, it is CREEPY!

The creepiest part is this freakin' boiler room. It has the lights on here, which is a rare occasion. Usually it's dark which makes it more creepy. Especially when haunted lagoon is on and they store the creepy statues in it.

When the imu is finally uncovered this is what the pua'a looks like. Yummmm.

Also today was convocation. So we got to see all the faculty decked out in their show-offy doctorates decorum. In other words, Halloween came early! Yay!

Probably my favorite part of this was when it was over and everyone was leaving the CAC and some clueless blonde freshman chick walked out of the hales and said to her equally clueless friend "Woah. Is there like, graduation?" Unfortunately I restrained myself and did not say "Yes darling. Four weeks into Fall Semester. It's only for the REALLY smart people."

However, I did not use restraint when I walked past the showers and heard someone singing "Everywhere you look I'm...standing SPOTLIGHT". I took the opportunity to yell out "NOT YET!"

Anyone who catches that reference wins all of my love, admiration, and respect. That is the only way you will find it as funny as I did.

[Title from Vanilla Twilight by Owl City]

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