This blue sky's never gonna rain down on me

The past week and a half has been crazy. I guess I should start with the California trip. I went to California! I had to preview Disneyland before my family went.

Of course, it included some pretty epic action shots:

And 3D glasses...

And being models. Funny story-- we were in this box having someone take a picture for us and then this Asian group walks up and they all started taking pictures of us. It's hard being so attractive.

Of course we went to the beach while we were there, and we saw Steve Martin surfing! By the way, I'm not a fan of California beaches. I don't know if it was the day or the place we went to, but the sand's not pretty and the water's neither clear nor warm. I'll stick to Floridian/Hawaiian beaches from now on.

On the way home from California I met Hollie and her kids Savvy and Alex and Stevie. They came and played with me at the PCC and it was the best day I've had in a while. It felt like having my family here. I'm pretty sure Hollie thinks I'm a creeper because I'm a college kid who would rather hang out with 11 year olds than other college kids, but oh well!

Sunday was a Filipino Gospel Forum, which is a fancy way of saying fireside+filipino refreshments.

Yes, I was the only white chick there and no, no one noticed...

In other news. The temple is open! Well, for the open houses anyway. I had the wonderful opportunity of cleaning toilets, doing yardwork, and scrubbing the walls of the fountains in preparation for the opening. Alyssa and I went inside today and it is So beautiful. Not that I expected any different.

Alyssa and I have been having fun despite hours of studying and working. We've terrorized lap swimmers in the pool, written piano/flute/violin duets, wrestling, having contests to see who can talk with a Jersey accent longer, you know. Good stuff. We went to the beach on Saturday and got burned watched people make out I buried her in the sand. Doesn't she look nice??

We also wrote a rap for our Relief Society talent show. It was about the Disney Princess and we actually managed to make it through the entire performance without breaking out in hysteria. What whaaaaaat??!

Work has been hectic lately because of Haunted Lagoon. Oh right, HAUNTED LAGOON!

I went to Haunted Lagoon with some friends and it was excellent! I was really scared, and I don't get scared easily (maybe my parents will disagree...). The ride is on a canoe through the lagoon at PCC and it takes you through different scenes of a ghost story. But it's acted out with real people, and the people (wearing masks and costumes, of course) get up in your face and sometimes get in the canoe with you. It's pretty creepy. But the creepiest part was that I knew the people working there, but I didn't know who they were. So they'd jump up on the canoe (I was sitting on the end) and they'd say BRIIIIIIIDIIIIANNNNNN and I screamed. For real. Loudly.

Then the next night was Food Fest. Delicioussssssss!!! Every club in the school sets up their own booth and sells plates of food. There was so much food from so many different countries. The best food was either the kebabs from Latino club

Or acai bowls from Triathalon Club

It was an excellent night.

Yesterday the weather changed. It's become overcast and cloudy, and I love it!! The best part is the wind. It's always pretty breezy around campus, given the proximity of the beach. But for the past two days the wind has reminded me of hurricanes. It's SO windy here, and it's a pretty strong wind. I love it. It's good weather for staying inside and reading, which has made it a lot easier to study.

I still have some pictures from the Halloween party, but...I'll save that for later.

[Title from As If by Sara Evans]

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