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I need to go back and blog about Halloween weekend, but my birthday post was so long I think I'll put it off for a while.

Friday was sort of a continuation of my birthday. I went to work and was expecting them to not know/remember that it had been my birthday the day before. I almost got away with it. I was in anticipation from the beginning because they clearly remembered it. Kiki asked to 'borrow' my phone, which is code for 'hold it because they ARE going to get you'. It was raining a lot, so I thought maybe that would be a factor. I was sent to the kitchen (across the PCC, so tons of rain-time) but miraculously it let up just for those few minutes and I managed to stay dry. It was the end of the night and we had finished eating dinner and we were all headed to clock out. Ha. Anyway, we were headed to the kitchen to clock out and go home. I walked past Banyan Tree and glanced over and noticed someone crouched behind the wall. I just barely saw them and before I had time to process it Scott came up and asked me how my birthday was. I forgot about the creepin' person and was about to form a response when Cory grabbed me from behind and I got SOAKED with two buckets of ice water. SO. COLD. There was ice stuck in my dress that I couldn't get out, my hair was soaking wet and covering my face, and I was thrilled. The boys were so proud of themselves, especially since I'd screamed when they got me so passerby's were now commending them on a job well done.

Later that night Brad and Peja and I went to see Megamind, which is a new favorite! It was a pretty funny movie and I hadn't been to the movies in forever.

Yesterday was pretty much the longest day of work, ever. In addition to working the regular luau I worked an event in the morning. It was a luau for a birthday party. Guess how old the guest of honor was? One. Yep, he'd just turned one and over 150 people showed up and feaested at an event that individuals pay $88 each for. I have no idea how much this event cost the host family, but it must have been a lot. The Polynesian culture is similar to Hispanic culture in the celebration of babies. Babies didn't live very long in the olden days in those places so it's tradition to celebrate the first birthday. And that was true with this particular guy too. He was in the hospital for a big portion of the first year of his life, and now he's a healthy baby! I think that's reason enough to celebrate. It was incredible how many of the people there were family, and it made me miss mine. Everyone was warm and loving and you could tell they were a happy family. The best part was when the little kids got up on stage and did fire knife! It's crazy to me how they're so good at such a young age. The cutest part was when one of the little cousins with down syndrome got up on stage and twirled his around. I loved it!! Then the girl cousins did a routine to Baby by Justin Bieber which, to be honest, just didn't seem right. By the time we got everyone out and cleaned up we were already late setting up for the night luau. It was pretty hectic because we only had about ten workers for the event (we usually have close to 50 for the regular luau). It was a really tiring day, but it was well worth it!

Also, I'm not really a huge fan of this site, but this one post is just the story of my life.

And I just love seeing this on Facebook..I can pronounce all of these names! And they're all from different countries! I love it!!

Today Alyssa and I watched James and the Giant Peach as part of our weekly tradition. Every Sunday we watch a movie that we watched as kids. I forgot how creepy that movie is!! We both fell asleep in the middle of it, so I guess she felt the same way.

39 days until I go home for Christmas!!! So excited!!

[Lyrics from Secrets by One Republic]

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