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So it's really hard to keep track of everything that happens, but I want to remember everything I do, all the time. Hence the blog. Here are some recent events:

-Fraternizing with Tongans.
Alyssa's boss is a Tongan, and he pretty much feels like she's his daughter. Every night he and his other Tongan friends have a feast outside their house on the corner. The house is right across from campus so every time we go anywhere we always see them out there talking and laughing and eating. Boss, as Alyssa calls him, is always telling her to stop by and I persuaded her to actually stop by on the way home from something one day. It was a little awkward. There were just a ton of old Tongans sitting around staring at us. I felt like we were intruding, but of course Boss was SO happy to see Alyssa and they were all eager to give us TONS of food. We'd just eaten dinner so we didn't want any, but anyone who knows anything about Polynesians knows that they don't take no for an answer, especially when it comes to food. So we accepted plates of pork, shrimp, taro, cake, and potatoes. We wrapped them in foil to take back with us while we listened to the uncles talk to us. My favorite was a guy named Malaki or, in his words, MALAKI THE PROPHET. He was a little hard of hearing, so he talked REALLY LOUDLY. When he found out that Alyssa was from Indiana he almost jumped out of his chair in excitement, which was saying something since he's both big and old. It was really endearing to see a big 80 year old man spouting broken English with the excitement of a four year old. "I SEE COWBOY. HE COME TO TONGA. LIKE MOVIES. A REALLY COWBOY! WITH HAT AND DA BOOT AND DA HORSE! A REALLY COWBOY! WITH THE HAT!!!!" After much exciting conversation we took our plates and headed back to campus. Now we didn't know what to do with the food, because we were not going to eat it. Then we remembered that we happen to know and love about 100 hungry Polynesian boys. So we went over to the PCC to give some food to the boys as they were coming out of night show. It was probably 9.30 or so, so they all should have been leaving about then. But no one was leaving so we decided to just go in and see what was up. We didn't have our ids with us, so we had to get a little creative getting in. We walked past the security guard who didn't even look at us. We felt really daring and adventurous. We walked over to the theater and found out that they were staying late to practice because the prophet is coming! We found a couple hungry guys and talked to them for a while. It's really easy to make boys happy when you have food.

-Making midnight runs to Foodland
This used to be a regular event for me back in spring/summer, when I was still using my new independence to do everything my mom said I shouldn't. But I've started sleeping since then. Anyway. Alyssa and I were really hungry one night. We wanted to order pizza, but since we live in the middle of nowhere all the pizza places close at 10. We decided to go to Foodland and buy stuff. It was about 11:40 when we decided this and Foodland closes at 12. So....yeah. We needed to find a spare bike to get there. We found a broken down bike in the hale that made a sick dragging sound every time the tires turned. This, of course, equated to me having fits of laughter the whole way there. By the time we found the bike and rode there it was about 11:54, so we were really cutting it close. I parked my bike in the back and locked it up and realized Alyssa had gone ahead. There's a bike rack and then there's a sidewalk that leads through the patio/eating area. She was just taking the bike with her through that area. The place was packed with kids from the school who were finishing their Taco Bell, Alyssa was running through with this noise machine of a bike, and I was running behind her barefoot with crazy hair bent over the whole time because I was laughing to hard to stand up. We ran inside and bought the oddest arrangement of food that we didn't even bother eating buy the time we got back home. But it was still an adventure.

-Decorating people's doors

The right side is Alyssa's door. I got all these pictures from the PCC because they get thrown away at the end of the night. I just thought she would appreciate having tacky tourists and shirtless men on her door. And I was correct. Then she and I decided Makara needed to be included. So we used fashion magazine pages. It turned into a mess.

-Ripping holes in my work dress.
It was an accident. I got the pocket caught on a hook and it ripped all the way down the side. Embarrassing!

-Hangin out around campus
I actually never really hang out on campus. I'm either in my room or Alyssa's room or off campus somewhere. But we went to the Aloha Center (yeah, you read that right) to work on her Spanish homework and I met a really attractive guy who was playing Math Blaster which I played as a kid. Which led us to talking about Reader Rabbit, Math Muncher, and Treasure Mountain/Treasure Cove. Thanks momma for buying me those games ;) We also went to a play on campus called Noises Off which was HILARIOUS. And then last night we went Latin dancing on campus. I am not very good at it, but a really attractive man taught me some really fun moves, and now I'm hooked! (On the dancing, not the men. Well....) Maybe I should go to these things more often. :)

-Eating pizza, watching movies, and doing face masks. I would put up pictures but they're all pretty gross. Also my creep of a room mate asked if she could peel the mask off of my face. Sometimes I think she's six instead of twenty one. Haha.

-Adventurin' in general
Makara and I went to Haliewa for the day. We ate at Haliewa Eats (amazing thai food!!), walked around the shops, went to the harbor, saw a SEA TURTLE and some rabid cats, and hitch hiked home with some nice Indian guys.

This was my favorite picture of the day:

Some delicious food:

We saw two sea turtles! Oh man I love Hawaii.

I think everyone knows the treadmills music video by Ok Go. I'm not a huge fan of their music, but I think their videos are so creative. I have to thank my mother for introducing me to them (that's right, she brought them to me, not the other way around). These are my favorites:

I have more to write, but I get bored after writing for too long. And it is officially too long.

Also I love the smell of rain, especially when it's mixed with the beach smell. Which is how the air in my room smells right now. Because I live by the beach. And it's raining. I love this place.


Okay that's really the end.

[Title from Ups and Downs by Ho'Okoa]

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