OH MAN. My life is so awesome. Ha.

Well the first thing I want to say is THE PROPHET IS COMING. HERE. Oh man oh man I am SO excited! Some people are already here (I'm assuming they're some apostles/general authorities). I was riding my bike around and I saw these two BYU shuttles with tinted windows being escorted by cops and they're staying by my dorm! And Thomas S. Monson is going to be HERE on THURSDAY! I can't wait. I probably won't get the opportunity to meet him, or even see him for that matter, but it's still so exciting! He'll be visiting the PCC and I'm so glad that he's going to see MY friends dance for him! Then this weekend is going to be HUGE. Saturday night is the Cultural Celebration, and then Sunday morning at 9:00 the Laie, Hawaii temple will be rededicated. I will be there waving my white Ukranian handkerchief. This is such an exciting time. I'm so happy to be here for it. The plants have been re-done, campus (which is already BEAUTIFUL) has been perfected in every way. Locals are participating in the cultural celebration and have been practicing for months. Almost all of the members on the island of Kauai are flying over, it's such a wonderful time. I had the opportunity to be an usher in the temple on Saturday and that was incredible. I was amazed by so much. First of all, I got to stand on the landing next to the chapel, in between the sealing room and the baptistery. That alone was amazing. I was just glad to be standing there all day, even if I didn't do anything else! The sealing room is BEAUTIFUL. It is literally heavenly. Well actually the whole temple is! Man, it was such a good day. It was astounding how many people were there, as well as how different they were. They were from different places, different cultures, and different walks of life. But they were all here feeling the same thing, even the tough-looking, tattooed thugs. It was fantastic.

Well that's just it for now. I have some other good weekend stories, but I'll save them for later :)

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