ancient voices crying from the night

NOTE: All of the photos in this post were stolen, I did not take a single one.

I was just thinking about how this blog is going to be a huge part of how I remember things after I leave Hawaii and college and I was just thinking that I want to remember the night show. So here's a brief description. The night show, titled Ha: Breath of Life, takes places 6 nights a week and is put on by the wonderful students that I go to school with. It is the story of a boy named Mana and his life growing up and his beautiful wife. As he grows up he travels to each of the islands of Polynesia, so each island is represented with traditional costumes, song, and dance throughout the show.

All the performers are really good at ALWAYS smiling, through the ENTIRE show! It really has a huge effect. I get really excited whenever Alyssa and I go to night show....though come to think of might have something to do with all the attractive, shirtless men...anyway. Here we go with the smiling faces:

This is from New Zealand (or Aotearoa as the Maori people call it):

This performance gives me goosebumps because they do a war chant and make terrifying expressions.

Beautiful Hawaii and it's hula:

Ehhhh I think this was Fiji...I can't remember. But the guy in the middle just got killed (these pictures are out of chronological order) and that is his spirit ascending to heaven. Just for the record. Ha.

This is Tahiti, the really fast hip shakers. This is also the scene where Mana marries his beautiful bride. It got me thinking about my wedding and how I want to wear a big head thing and be carried in on someone's shoulders.

This is from Samoa, and the guys eat, play with, and sit on the fire. It's a pretty funny scene, (even though there aren't English words the whole show) and it's my second favorite part!

Apparently no one likes to take pictures of Tonga. But the guy in the colored skirt is from Tonga. They're at war with Fiji in this picture, which is why there are Fijian costumes in there.

This is my favorite part, the FIREKNIFE! So cool.

This is the finale, where all the dancers come out and sing the finale song (which is in english). This was the song that I could hear from my old room back in spring, so I had it memorized the first week I was here...breath of liiiiiiiiiiife....breath of loooooooove...yeah. It's better when the sing it, probably.

It is really such a cool production. I mean, how many shows have you seen that uses six languages?? Well I know one and I can watch it any night of the week! Love it!

[Title from From Cumorah's Hill by Steven Kapp Perry which I have been repeatedly listening to idea why]

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