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The morning started way too early. I didn't go to sleep til about 2:30 the night before because I was writing a speech in Maori about my dorm room. So I woke up at 6:30 to Jai-Ho blaring from my speakers. My eyes were pretty much swollen shut as they always are when I don't get enough sleep. But I was so excited! IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY! Birthdays are the best. In some ways it's better than Christmas. I was just so excited. I was excited to brush my teeth. I was excited to go to breakfast. I was excited to get dressed. I was excited to ride my bike to class. My speech went really well. Everyone freaked out about the picture of my house with palm trees in my yard, and then I showed these pictures as well and it was really well received. At the end I sang a song in Maori for extra credit. It goes as follows:

E hara i te mea
no inainaei te aroha
no nga tupuna
i tuku iho, i tuku iho

This is the best I can translate it:

Love is not of these
times alone
It is from our anscestors,
handed down, handed down

Sweet, right? Well then someone in the class remembered it was my birthday and so they all sang happy birthday to me in Maori! It was excellent.

I headed back to my room and found this!

I love those girls! Oragami, pictures of me, all sorts of treasures. I had half an hour so I talked to some of my family. Then I had volleyball.

Let me tell you about volleyball. I don't think I am terrible at it. I'm naturally at least decent at sports, and I did play in high school. So I should be semi-competent. Right? Wrong. I'm really terrible. And it doesn't help that there's a really attractive guy who plays for the school team in my class. [Just a side note, WHY are you taking a beginning volleyball class? Are you really just out to embarrass me/make me feel uncoordinated? Because it's working] I don't usually feel too great about that class. However it was different yesterday because it was my birthday! Unfortunately I think the better my attitude is, the less skill I exhibit. I'm not sure why that is, but it was definitely the case yesterday. But I was happy. I was put on a team of all the best people in the class plus me. I pretty much ruined all the drills, but I was laughing at myself. I'm sure they were trying to be polite and not laugh at my ridiculous mishaps, but I wish they would have laughed at/with me. Because I'm sure I just looked like even MORE of a troubled soul...not only is she uncoordinated but she's giggling to herself like a psycho! Anyway, when it came time for the final scrimmages (Is that a volleyball term for practice game? Or does that only apply to soccer?) I was hesitant to play. I looked at my birthday watch and saw that there was only fifteen minutes left in class. So as soon as we rotated I stood very still..concentrating....then I BOOKED it out the door, laughing like a maniac the whole way. I felt everyone staring at me, and I LOVED it! I'm certain they think I should be committed to an asylum. But I had such a rush of energy. I sprinted all the way to the locker rooms, changed back into my clothes, took my gym clothes back to the desk (the guy working there knew it was my birthday...could this get any better??), and skipped out of the building. It was excellent. I was listening to The First Single by The Format and that song never fails to put me in a good mood. So here I was, sprinting out of volleyball, skipping around listening to my iPod and singing at the top of my lungs, happy as a clam. It was a great day. I had too much energy to sit in my room, so I walked to the mailroom, singing the whole way. Yes, I'm aware that I looked like a fool. But a happy fool. I got my mail (netflix, birthday cards/$$, and a letter from Lys!!) and then I went to Foodland to buy eggs for my birthday brownies, courtesy of my mother!

Then I rode my bike to Roth and Michael's house, ate some lunch, and made brownies!

Roth helped, but Micheal was pretty anti social.

After that I got to go to dance...which I promptly got kicked out. That's a story for another day.

Makara's birthday presents to her friends/family are raps about said person. It was probably the most anticipated present. I was excited. Here it is:

Then it was piñata time! My mom gave me this piñata when I was in Texas. I carried it around in a box not knowing what it was until I got home. I opened it and freaked out. I was so excited. I kind of hesitated to beat it up because it was so cool! But Alyssa and Makara were less hesitant and I realized I'd eventually be throwing it away. We had to get a little creative. I used a wire hanger to hang it from the door in the hallway. Then we found a broken piece of a sprinkler system and used that to beat it.

Our methods didn't last too well. It fell down multiple times. I particularly love this picture that Alyssa captured right as it was falling.

When we finally busted it open I was pleased to find that there was more than candy! There were some shoes, a lovely necklace, and a pair of sliders.

Oh yeah, these were exciting. Feminine hygiene from a foreign country. At least...I think that's what they were...

These were the sliders I got. There is, of course, a story. A few weeks ago I was looking for a pair of sliders on the Underarmour website. I found this one pair that I really liked, but the cost of shipping was twice the price of the shorts. Ridiculous! So for my birthday I just asked for a pair of brightly colored sliders (none of this black business), nothing specific at all and guess what! I got the exact pair I'd been looking at. So cool!

The festivities made a huge mess. We vacuumed it up and I collected all my newly acquired possessions. Then when I went to return the vacuum I talked to my favorite RA (read: only RA I can tolerate) for over an hour about a clothing drive we're setting up and the Christmas party and musical numbers and ways to make the world better.....etc. Then I went back to my room and slept. A really exciting thing to do, I know. But I was SO tired and I wanted to enjoy the rest of the day!

Ahh this is taking me forever to write. And I'm a little bit tired of writing. But I can't for the life of me remember anything about my birthday last year. And it's a little upsetting. So I'm going to document every detail of the day! Even if it kills me!

When I woke up I got ready for the first time that day [so glad I had the day off of work! That worked out well!] and then Makara and I rode our bikes to Subway and tried the new 5 ice cream. It is SO good! New favorite! It only has 5 ingredients and you can taste how clean it is. Mmmmmmm.

We ran into Jaymee at Foodland, lookin' beautiful as always. My face is kind of blurred here, but I love that you can see how long my hair is. My goal is at least to my ankles, but Rapunzel length would be prime.

We came back and I hung out with my wonderful roommate for a while and did some other things. I think. Then I was tricked into going to a surprise celebration (not party....they were very specific) hosted by my favorite Asians!

I got a lovely pair of tiny rose earrings, which I love! Then they took me down into the courtyard where they had ice cream and cookies and a banner and decorations written in the cutest handwriting ever. They taught me how to say "I am a crazy woman" which, phonetically, is ngo hai tin lo yan. Yeah that makes no sense. Except in my head. Which is why I'm writing it. Anyway. Then they had me close my eyes and make ten wishes. I was up to wish one and a half when the doused me with water!! It was sort of an extention of a work tradition...we always get soaked on our birthdays or our last day of work. Since it was my day off they wanted to make sure I didn't miss out.

Later that night I hung out with Jake for a while. On my way back to my hale I was passing the tennis courts and saw a patch of grass and for some reason I just felt like sitting down. It was a place where a lot of people walked by but I didn't really notice them. It was just such a pretty night. It was cool and breezy and I could see the palm trees in the moonlight and I was just so grateful that I was living in such a beautiful place.

After sitting there for a while a guy from work was waling by so he sat on the wall by me and we started talking. After about half an hour two other guys from work came and then later a third. We sat out there talking and taking pictures and goofing off. I laughed pretty hard. Which is something I always enjoy.

We eventually went back to our rooms and I went to sleep. It was, overall, an excellent day. :)

[Title from Up, Up, & Away by Kid Cudi]

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