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Okay, well this post is pretty belated, but THE PROPHET CAME! It was a great day, and everyone was so excited. He came to visit the PCC just for an afternoon, and everyone came to see him!

There was a huge ceremony for when he arrived, which I wasn't expecting.
They had the royal court of Hawaii represented:

and they had a decked out golf cart for him to ride :)

When he got out of the car they had every island represented with people. He was given leis and then given a seat (President Eyring and his wife were there as well) as the Hawaiians presented a chant and a dance prepared for him, as an honored guest.

Then he walked down the aisle to his little chariot. He has a bit of an angry expression in this picture, but he was just putting a serious face on. He was looking at a little kid, and right after that he started wiggling his ears. I was more delighted by this than the kid was, I must say.

And then President Eyring and his wife got on another cart behind them and off they went!

They went to the villages and I went to work, but during one of the slower minutes I ran over to the Samoan Village with one of the runners and we took pictures of them enjoying the show.

He went to the night show that night, as well as heaps of people from BYU, the PCC, and the locals. It was the most packed I've ever seen it. The performance was flawless, as I would expect it to be. I can't imagine what it must be like dancing for the Prophet! At the end of the show the cast came together and sang "Teach Me to Walk in the Light", and it was powerful!

He was so cute. He stood up for the duration of the song, then he waved and waved and said thank you, thank you.

It was an unforgettable day. It was so incredible to be in the presence of the Prophet and the spirit that is around him is amazing. It was a rare opportunity, and I couldn't help but think about all the events that have transpired so that I could be in this spot at this exact time. It was truly a blessing.

[Title from From Cumorah's Hill {again} by Steven Kapp Perry]

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