with these eleven minutes i could teach you what i am

Tonight Alyssa and I played dead. Twice.
The first time we went out to the field to play volleyball. Some lady came up to us and Alyssa (who's mom must have not taught her not to talk to strangers) started engaging in conversation. Stranger lady was from a first aid training program. She wanted us to pretend that we'd passed out from hazardous chemicals. So we did. We recruited another stranger named James. He laid on the floor of the girls bathroom with us. It was a bad idea to start off laughing. Because we pretty much laughed the whole time. The teams of men came in and assessed the situation, pointed out the fact that I was having fits of laughter even though I was unconscious, and determined that it was necessary to drag us out. I can't remember the last time I was carried out of the girls' bathroom by men. Oh wait this was a first. I was laughing. With my closed eyes and limp body. They did not ask us for our numbers and Stranger James ran away right after.

The second time was about ten minutes later. They drag us to the hall next to the old gym where open gym was going on. The people were playing volleyball and basketball. Their kids came outside and we were turned into dragons and demons and fire breathing moles. We played freeze tag, except the kids always forgot to freeze. I felt like I'd been put through a blender. And I looked like it, too.

For FHE I went to my boss' house. We ate some Mongolian and Filipino food and listened to an Austrian give a lesson on Thanksgiving and gratitude. All foreigners know about Thanksgiving is that we eat a lot. Hooray for typical American holidays. The night was awkward, as it was four married couples plus single me. Why do married couples cuddle so much? Yuck.

I met up with Alyssa later for the remainder of our FHE and then we met a couple new guys and got yelled at by security. It was a good day. This is a nice picture.

Last Saturday I surfed and slept while listening to island tunes. Tell me my life isn't fantastic. I still have to write about the prophet's visit, but I mostly love doing things in the wrong order. Yay.

I wrote the following bits a while ago and have just never posted him. So here they are.

Doing laundry takes a lot of planning ahead. The laundry system is basically run by people that want you to have dirty clothes. Yuck. You have to use a card to pay for laundry. The card costs $2, and you can only put money on the card in the form of $5, $10, or $20. And they have to be those specific bills, none of this five singles nonsense. It takes a lot of foresight; if you have enough to wash all your clothes but then your card runs down to $0.50, you will not be able to dry your clothes even if you have eight one dollar bills. (true story).

So basically, only do laundry when you're out of clean underwear. That, for me, was this morning. So I went down to the R.A. office to check the amount of money on my card. And the R.A. office (which is 'open all day') was closed. I was going to sit and wait for someone to open the door, but they could have taken a long time and (more importantly) they took the waiting chair away from the doorway, so no thank you. I thought I'd be clever and walk to the next hale and use their R.A. office to check my card. So I walked over and their R.A. office was closed. The sign on the door said "Lockouts knock on room 212 F and Laundry cards go to hale 3" (my hale). Excellent. I went back to my room and started doing other things until the office opened. I had $2.00. Excellent.

I also had a huge pile of quarters. I planned on using them for the one washer and dryer that was coin operated. I stuffed all my laundry into my basket and drug it to the other side of the building, down the stairs, out the door, and down to the laundry room. My first order of business was to take the coin operated machine before anyone else did. Come to find out there isn't a washer and a dryer, just two dryers. Surprise! Incredibly efficient. I eventually washed all my clothes and then put them through the...'extended' cycle that I have for clean clothes. This is how is goes.
1. Take clean clothes out of dryer
2. Spread clothes out so that they don't get wrinkled
3. Do some other things; see how long clothes can stay in that pile before losing all warmth (I've made it two days with some heat still trapped in the pile!)
4. Neatly move pile from bed to chair
5. Move back to bed when you need chair, etc.
6. Suck it up and fold laundry
7. Neatly stack folded clothes on bed
8. Fall asleep on neatly folded clothes
9. Move piles to floor after a few days, out of guilt
10. Step on clothes and throw other things on them
11. Straighten out clothes and put them away

I just want my mom to know that some things never change.

And a quote from someone excellent, about the people in Florida:
"sometimes i think about all the people here and how i just wanna tie them up and saw their arms off"
Don't worry, friend. People are like that everywhere.

24 days til family time!

[Title from Reclusion by Anberlin]

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