you can't deny you've blown my mind

Well I'm really bummed about that last post. Maybe I'll feel like re-writing it later.

Tonight I went to the temple for the first time since it's been rededicated! Man, it was amazing! Afterwards we went to the Dummars for a huge dinner...delicious!

So before I left for the temple I was trying to move my furniture (again). I'd put my bed backwards and the drawers underneath it were against the wall, rendering them useless. I'd drug all the light stuff out into the hall including my mattress, and was trying to figure out how the heck I could turn my bed around since there was literally not enough room. Then I realized it was impossible. I was going to put it all back but I had to get ready to go to the temple. I just figured I would do it when I got back. Fast forward to me getting home from dinner-too full, tired, and feeling a little down. I was dreading putting everything back together and was seriously contemplating laying my matress outside and sleeping outside. I walked back to my room and IT WAS ALL PUT BACK TOGETHER! I literally burst into tears. My best friend, my roommate, and her friend had all turned my bed around, drug everything back into my room, and organized everything. Oh man. I was giddy. I felt SO loved, and I was really happy that I could just shower and sleep! It may have not been a big deal to them, but it made a HUGE difference to me!

So since my life is excellent again I thought I'd share my two favorite songs that have literally been on repeat for the past two days.

And this one. I love love love this one.

[Title from Stereo Love by Edward Maya]

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