I might mess around and get my college degree....

So I'm assuming that the only reason people read my blog is because they get to hear about how awesome Hawaii is. Well's still awesome. I've been trying to appreciate it more lately. The past few days I've started waking up early and going to watch the sunrise on the beach I usually go get in the water because hey, why not? Then I usually read for a little bit trying to get a little bit of sun before I go back for my 8:40 class. Here is the result:

Alyssa got her wisdom teeth out the other day so we've gone down to Kaneohe a few times for the procedure/follow up visits. And man, honestly nothing beats driving around the island on the coast looking at the blue water and jammmin to island music. It is excellent. Here are some other Hawaiian things:

I found this little hut constructed on Temple Beach (yes, that's's a on the street where you can see the temple from the beach and the beach from the temple....paradise on both ends of the road)

I found this little table on the same beach. Again, NO idea where it came from. But I thought it was funny. This may be where I start doing my schoolwork....

Evidently this is a rule at my school. However, it must be the least followed, least enforced rule. Because I usually don't wear shoes in public places.

This picture was taken in the caf at lunch. I believe this was after the asians said I looked like spongebob, then asked me to hold my hair out of the way so that they could give me a restitution massage. The fork was also vital, probably.

Sometimes we play basketball with a volleyball and a hamper. Actually mostly Irish just plays because it's the only net she can reach. And I just sit on my bed laughing at her.

And that is my life.

[Title from The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars]

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