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So I spent Christmas in Jerusalem. I may or may not write more on that later. But as of now I'm back in Hawaii, and it's beautiful as ever. I'm really mourning the loss of my camera. I took it snorkeling and apparently the battery compartment wasn't completely shut :( so here are the last few pictures/events:

-cooking with Asians:

Okay just kidding that's all the pictures for today because Blogger is wiggin' out. Hmm. Anyway. Last night I went to play Ultimate Frisbee with Makara and some other guys. I'm pretty terrible at it, as I am with most sports except soccer. But it was fun running around barefoot in the mud tackling people (which is not part of the game, by the way). Afterwards, since it was dark and we were hot, we ran and jumped in the ocean with minimal clothing on :) Then, of course, we were cold so we went back to her house and got in the hot tub on the back porch overlooking the ocean. We sat there getting raisin-y and talking about boys. Love this life! Today I went to the beach with a senior missionary couple that teaches surfing classes every Saturday. My surfing is getting better but my tan is definitely improving faster than my surfing skills. I mostly hung out in the water with Abbie and Kealani who are 10 and 8, respectively. They're darling little brown children that I used to work with, and they told me that I should join their family or try to bring mine here. Not a bad idea at all.

This past week was the first week of classes for me, and I think this is going to be my favorite semester so far. I like my classes/teachers, and the homework is...manageable. I'm genuinely interested in the classes I'm taking this semester, so it will be manageable. I'm actually excited for school for the first time since, oh...kindergarten. Hopefully it lasts!

[Title from Love Like Woe by The Ready Set]

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