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Remember that post that I lost? Wellllll I found it! Here it is:

It's December! [POST EDIT: It is NOT December. Don't be confused. It is January.] Hooray. I love love love Christmas. And I'm so very excited to see my family! I just went to the Christmas Devotional and it made me a little sad that I was coming home to my dorm instead of my real home. But I will see them soon! And I am very grateful for my Tongan friends that treat me as family. I went to dinner and the devotional with them, and it makes me so happy to be around them. They are so fun, so loving, so giving, and such a Christlike people. I am glad to have them surrounding me and treating me as their own, even though I'm a palangi and my Tongan is poor, at best. I also appreciate the elderly Tongan ladies who cook for us and try to find me a husband :)

I really have nothing to be sad about-- yesterday Alyssa and I had another family-setting meal. We went with our friend to his family's house. His family is from Niue, a tiny tiny island just outside the Polynesian triangle, which is another country I'd never heard of until moving here. We had to walk down the beach to get to their house (hello, paradise) and Alyssa and I took the opportunity to take pictures while our friend helped prepare the food.

We got there and they were pulling the food out of the imu (which is basically just a hole in the ground that islanders use to cook food)

This is the delicious food:

I ate a lot of it.

After we'd stuffed ourselves we headed back to the beach to take some more cool pictures and try to get as brown as the people we'd just hung out with. (It didn't work)

Isn't she beautiful??

[Title from Misery by Maroon 5]

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