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Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day civil rights day. Evidently they changed the name because it was offensive...? Anyway. No school today! So we hitch hiked up to Waimea. There were about eight of us so we split up into groups. Makara, Mary and I went together (we didn't want boys ruining our chances of getting picked up). We'd been sitting on the side of the road for about three minutes when a truck pulled up and turned out to be some guys that we knew from school.

(Makara doesn't like to open her eyes in pictures)

It was a beautiful, sunny day which was a nice change from the European-style overcast/cold days we'd been having. The water sucked though! Waimea is usually beautiful--the water's usually calm, clear, and blue:

But the water was dark and choppy today and the undercurrent was so bad that the swimming was prohibited. That didn't stop most of our group from going in the water, of course. We played frisbee and volleyball. Only one guy got sand kicked in his face and we only encountered two topless women. Good beach day in the end. As we hitch hiked back in our groups we were picked up by another two guys from our school. Pretty convenient :) I love being in Hawaii. I love that my hair's always tangled from the ocean and that there's always a layer of sand on my floor and some in the keys of my phone and that my beach towel never dries and that my feet are perpetually sore from walking on hot sand/asphalt without shoes and that I always have a little redness from being in the sun and how my skin always feels weird from salt water drying on it. :)

Also today I got these pictures from a flight attendant that I totally forgot about! When I was on the plane to Hawaii a couple weeks ago I met Jewel Van Valin of Plane Art who is the sweetest flight attendant ever! She started this project right after September 11th when people were stressed out when flying. She gave them a crayon and a napkin and had them draw pictures. I think it's a darling idea! You can read more about it in the LA Times. Anyway, she sent me the pictures she took.

The lady I was sitting next to was a Delta flight attendant going home for her time off and she had some really interesting stories to share! We were sitting in the exit row opposite the jump seats, so the on duty flight attendants mostly just sat and talked to us the whole time. There were 13 dead heading flight attendants flying in first class to Hawaii to accompany some army on the base here to Arizona for a convention or something. They told me such cool stories about the places they've been and the people they've had the chance to work for! I think it would be a sweet job! One flight attendant started talking about pop culture and (even though she was at least twice my age) started singing some of the popular songs for me (i.e., Whip My Hair by Will Smith's daughter...complete with dance action...what?!). It was a very entertaining flight, and the seven hours went by quickly.

[Title from Last Chance by Maroon 5]

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