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Last Saturday was sunny. We went to Waimea and got sunburns and saw too many tourists. We went to Ted's Bakery, most delicious food on the North Shore. We saw boys from our school who were shirtless--some were fun and some were jerks. Typical.

This Saturday it's raining. Which means there's zero productivity and zero sun. We watched movies and read books. Homework will come later if the sun doesn't.

I have a new job. I'm not sure if I've written about that or not. I work at the plant nursery. Except it usually doesn't involve a whole lot of work. It mostly involves Alyssa (the friend, not the sister) and I (yes, she works there too) driving the truck around the school and throwing things at people. Anyway. We found some cats at work. They were in this big barrel thing that has no purpose other than to trap cats.

Yesterday at work I caught a mongoose. I don't think I'd even heard of mongoose (mongooses? mongeese?) until I came here. They're little ferret like creatures...and they're fast. This is the best picture I could find-

But the one I caught was a lot skinnier and more grey than brown. And they like to crack open the skulls of the wild chickens and eat their brains. Anyway. I was just hanging out back in the rows of trees and I saw all these little wild mongoose (geese?) running around and I decided I'd try to catch one. Except that I was almost positive I wouldn't catch one, because they're FAST. I saw one that was running about five feet away for me so I dove for it and I caught it!!!! It wriggled around in my hands for about thirteen seconds until I realized that I was HOLDING A FREAKIN' MONGOOSE and freaked out and chucked it in the air. Poor thing. It landed and scurried away. I tried to go tell Alyssa and Michael what happened but my speech was a little unstable....just as I was. But it was still a proud day.

Here are some other pictures from one of thousands of beach trips.


Tonight was foodfest! Which means clubs representing every country cook cultural food and sell it for too much money. But it is delicious! Afterwards, fueled by guilt, Alyssa and I went running around Laie. As we were finishing our run it started raining again. This gave Lys and I reason to run around the residential roads dancing in the rain listening to our ipods. People stared. And laughed. It was a wonderful night.

[Title from Price Tag by Jessie J]

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