Moving past the past

Here are some more stories from last semester/non broken camera:

Alyssa and I went to Cheesecake factory. It was delicious. It's about an hour away so it's always a really big event. I miss the days when I had money....

This guy was our seater, and he kept coming back throughout the night. We started talking about the church and the school and evidently they get a lot of rude students in the restaurant. It was pretty sad to hear. So we tried to be extra cheerful. His shift finished while we were eating so he sat with us and talked for a while. His name was Ben, except he was from Texas and pronounced his name Bay-en.

Okay funny story about this picture. I was standing on a bridge (obviously) and Alyssa was on the sidewalk taking the picture. As she's taking it, this guy on a moped was driving by and yells "beautiful!". Which is...whatever. It's Waikiki, people are crazy. But then he turns off the road, turns around, and drives ON THE SIDEWALK up to where we are. He offered to take a picture with some weirdo accent, and Alyssa politely declined, wanting to preserve the life/safety of the camera. We just picked up our stuff and started walking away. He only followed us for a little bit, gratefully.

I also have some pictures of the Laie Temple. I know I wrote about the open house and I may have put up some pictures already but...

Okay my face looks super weird there. Oh well.

This is the view from the steps of the temple!

Oh this one's better

Sort of.

We took these pictures as we were waiting to go in to volunteer as ushers. That was a really awesome experience. I stood on the ledge between the sealing room and baptistry, straight across from one of the chapels. SO COOL! After we were done we were walking home and the Tufangas (1st counseler in my ward) picked us up and took us to their house for some delicious Tongan food!

That picture doesn't really do it justice. Maybe it's a good thing that dumb camera died.

Alyssa and I spend a lot of time with the Dummars. They are awesome! I went over last Sunday for dinner and Skip-Bo with an Asian named Mary. The first time we tried to find their house it was pretty late at night and we were creepin around the house lookin in the upstairs windows. Turns out that they live in the downstairs. Oops! And, of course, we documented it.

Alright I love this picture. It sums up my life here. It's me, riding my bike (with no hands) to the beach with my towel (that got stolen by the dumb cleaning ladies) and my volleyball. I love it. And I'm pretty positive I will always look back to these days and miss it.

And of course, no post would be complete without beach pictures.

Fun fact: you can tell that my face is not posed in this picture because my nostrils are flared. That only happens when a cold wave hits my dry body. I usually don't flare my nose just for fun. Only occasionally.

Okay, I promise we are not this white. I'd be really embarrassed if we were...since we go to college in Hawaii and all....

This is probably the best action shot ever taken. Ever.

This picture was taken the night the prophet came to Hawaii. We were walking home and took about five hundred pictures, almost no exaggeration. So I'll spare you all and just post my favorite since it pretty much defines our friendship.

These last two pictures were the last pictures ever taken. This is the infamous path to Bikini Beach, given it's name because it's where all the honor-code breakers go, apparently. Mary and I went snorkeling and my poor little camera decided to be tired of being waterproof. :(

And that, my friends, is the end of Fall Semester!
[Title from Up and Up by Relient K]

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