race the wind

Well here it is....3:32 Monday night, EST. My last night being home, thus my last night to sleep in a real, comfortable bed. Last night to sleep without loud girls or loud roomates or alarms going off. So of course my jet lag would kick in one week after changing time zones. Technically it's not jet lag; it really has nothing to do with that. I just get in these moods when I'm home, and they usually happen at ood hours of the night. I go into panic mode, needing to clean/organize/bake everything. ASAP. My mother loves it. As for me...I'm not sure if it's a cause for stress or a stress reliever. Just tonight (as in after midnight) I've made a chicken pot pie, apple pie, chocolate chip cookies, Andes mint cookies, and an apple pie. And reorganized some things in the garage. And done some laundry. I don't know why these nesting instincts kick in--it's not my house or my kids or my things, and I'm not going to even get to eat this food if I leave in three hours as planned. But it certainly benefits my family, so I guess it's good.
I love being home. There are so many reasons, even just comparing it to being at college in the dorms. But then there's the added benefit of finding things that I've left here over breaks or that my sisters have "borrowed" when they've visited. I love driving. I love that there are four and eight lane roads. I love that I can blast my music while flying down the road with the windows open. I love that stores are open past midnight. I love that everything is so close, so convenient. I love being with my family. I love that I can do things without having to spend time/money obtaining superglue or colored pencils or dryer sheets. It's nice to take a break from my daily routines--being in Hawaii CAN get old, though most people can't fathom that. I'm not sure if I have more responsibility there or here, but neither is too difficult in moderation.
This week has had its highlights. I got hooked on Angry Birds. If you haven't heard of/played this game, don't. It is the devil. It is frustrating, and only addicting if you have too much pride to lose to a couple of ugly green pigs and impenetrable wood and stone structures. We cleaned out the entire garage, a life-long dream of mine (odd, I know). I got to hang out with one of my best friends, even though he almost killed me by driving over the median, going 90 down Sunrise Blvd., threw tantrums at McDonalds, and tried to play the violin. I made dinner for the missionaries (they, too, benefit from my weird cooking impulses) and got to hear their stories of self-consciousness, Ukraine, and inspiration. I smashed cans and trophies with the girls and listened to Owl City on repeat.
We went on bike rides. Jace pulled Kenyan on a skateboard. It only led to a few disasters...

We found all sorts of treasures

Kenyan had a turn pulling people. Jada's friend was too lazy tired to walk home from school.

I got to escape to Luis and Cathy's to watch Disney Channel with Emily and invaded presidency meetings to eat real food and be bombarded. I was most assuredly surrounded by people who loved me, even though lots of them were strangers to me. And that is always good for my health.

[Title from To The Sky by Owl City]

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