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So this weekend was the long anticipated CULTURE NIGHT. Twenty two clubs representing different cultures from around the world prepare an 8 minute performance. It happens once a year and everyone is always so excited for it. I wasn't sure if it was going to be all people said it would be. And it was pretty much that times ten. It was a long four hours, but it was better than Christmas. Seriously. We're talking Latino Club dances, men doing the Russian dance thing, blindfolded, clicking machetes under their legs, Mongolians doing RIDICULOUS jump rope tricks, Asians in their odd little kid style pop skirts and sneakers dancing to voices that sound like they've had way too much helium, and (of course) plenty of brown, shirtless men doing Polynesian dances. It was probably one of THE greatest things I've ever seen. Never mind that I almost fell asleep in the middle of it. That was only because it didn't end til almost 1 in the morning. Honestly. I didn't take any pictures, but that wouldn't have done it justice anyway.

Saturday night we went to the last game of the season which was an away game against Chaminade University. We roll up to the school and we were expecting something sort of impressive, what with their admin building with a cross and their high rise dorms. But then we get to the super ghetto gym (seriously, my high schools' was nicer). And the people....they reminded me of people I went to high school The Hood, South Florida. Granted, Chaminade is a "private Catholic school", but that doesn't mean anything. I love it when people try to justify going to BYU to someone who doesn't know about the school by saying it's a "private Christian university". Because, really, that doesn't mean anything. To be honest, it's not like it's that prestigious or anything. Getting accepted to BYU wasn't really a proud moment for me, it's not like it's that hard to get into. Clearly this was the case for Chaminade. And I guess Catholic girls don't like to wear clothes more than other college girls, 'cuz the girls there weren't wearing much.
The game was really intense. We were neck and neck the whole game, losing in the end by one point. Those games are always a lot more fun because the closer it gets the more the audience gets riled up with pride. (Not necessarily school pride because I still don't think they really care about their school..just regular pride). We did end up losing, but it certainly wasn't because our crowd wasn't loud enough.
And as it turns out, the gym was so slummy because they shared it with the local high school. Um, what?

Some other cool things happen to me sometimes.
I curled my hair once. It looked like this:

And it lasted about ten minutes after I left for the party. Most people that come here DIEEEE because the humidity makes their hair so curly. I, on the other hand, come from a state with MORE humidity. (yes, that is possible. weird, I know.)So not only does my hair think Hawaii is dry, it's also become accustomed to being stick straight, all day every day.

I went to my 1,000th bonfire. Okay maybe that is a sight exaggeration. But it's only slight. I promise.

So this picture is not an accurate representation of the excitement of my everyday life, because it was a sad going-away party. But I just want all you outsiders to know that these luau things aren't just a tourist attraction. See those leis? They're for real, and those people wearing them aren't tourists. They were a stellar missionary couple, and also my best friends for a period of time. No big deal. Also the man wearing a lava lava (or a sulu) isn't just wearing it for show. Nope, that's how people for real dress here.

This was my first and last encounter with speed dating. Our decision to go was this: we can do it once, to say we've done it. Like skydiving, except less fun. I'm in college. It was V-Day weekend. I did it. Now I'm done.

I went home for a few weeks and just got back last week. This was the one time Delta's ever not had my luggage waiting for me when I got to where I was going. There were lots of 'rush' stickers on it and 'expedite' ones too. Because clearly putting on a sticker with a command on it will make it happen. Clearly.

My baby girl got her mission call!

She's going to Carlsbad, California, Spanish speaking! She's on the phone with her family because of me. I was a bad friend and told her to just call them and open it IMMEDIATELY instead of waiting four hours to Skype them. I have no patience. Also I am always the boss. This is why I don't have more friends. But I don't mind.

So I got a really cool cup from American Eagle. It was a Christmas present (I guess?) from an old manager. It's navy blue and has American Eagle written on it in white. Except for when you put boiling water in it! Surprise! Then it MAGICALLY turns into this:


The past two days have been real college-kid days, including procrastinating homework/papers, eating too much pizza, and staying up late watching lame made-for-tv movies on netflix. Which means the rest of this week I'm going to have to play grown up and work/sleep/do homework. With little procrastination. Hence the blogging...oops.

Oh yeah, I work really hard. A lot. Doing this kinda stuff:

Sometimes I use discarded wire to dig holes in berries and make necklaces out of seeds like a savage. Sometimes I braid palm leaves together and once I even made a dress out of palm fronds. (jokes). Yep, livin' the dream on this little rock in the big ocean.

(P.S. Have you heard Britney Spears' new song? The first thing I thought when I heard it was wow, this is not bad, for her. Then I thought it sounded like Enrique Iglesias. Then the words sounded like Ke$ha. Then it turns out Ke$ha wrote the lyrics. So sorry B. Spears, you still suck)

[Title from Buzzin' by Mann ft. 50 Cent]

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