impossible, but lovely.

So my computer is completely dead. Which means that I get to use the computer lounge when I want to do homework or watch more episodes of Bones (I can't say both get equal amount of time....). But here's some old stuff from my phone.

You know how businesses leave signs saying they went to lunch and they'll be back at 2:30? Well...

Here in Hawaii we don't feel the need to put a time. We take our time at meals (including post-meal naps) and we don't want to be obligated to be back at any certain time. So we just write "will be back". You know, eventually.

Man it must be nice to be a boy....

My list is about a thousand times longer, even if I'm just going away for a weekend. But good ol' Jace knows how to travel light.

In all fairness to Emily, who lives down the hall, stealing the men off the door is something I would do. We've been in an ongoing war, and I have kidnapped things from her room and left her Mafia notes. Sorry. (Not really.) But this time I really didn't take the pictures of men off of her door. Someone else did. Someone clever and one step ahead of me.

One of my favorite things to do while tanning is take pictures of myself/my surroundings and send them to people buried in snow. I'm sure I will regret this later, as part of the what-goes-around-comes-around type things.

(See my face? That's my taunting face. That means "hey how's the snow suckaa?")

I have no idea why I took this picture. It was probably a combination of boredom and a flawed idea that I'm going to want to remember what my dorm looked like my freshman year of college. Notice the towel? Yeah this picture was taken back in November and that towel is now gone thanks to the cleaning ladies that are against us hanging our things out to dry. Rude.

These pictures are a throwback to Thanksgiving.

None of this even tasted good.

We forgot that we didn't have plates/utensils, so we had to scavenge.

It Ha. It was definitely something I'm going to remember. I didn't go home for Thanksgiving because I wanted to stay and hang out with Alyssa. But I ended up going to the waterpark with the Tongans. It was a really awkward hour and a half of a bus ride, but once we got there it was fun. I got really tan. And my hair got destroyed by all the pee-fighting chlorine. But the slides themselves were awesome. There were a few that were REALLY high, and the waterpark itself is built on a mountain. So once you got to the top of the stairs you could see over the highway and see all the surrounding cities as well as the ocean. It was cool. And also cold. But that's beside the point. At the end of the day the bus was supposed to come back to pick us up but the driver didn't show up for about two hours later than planned. Typical. We played some weird games and Ana taught me how to talk to Tongan Tongan. I took this picture which could have been cooler had I not had a crappy phone back then.

This was a family that I was stalking. Jk. But really. I saw them flying standby and it reminded me of my family. Then I got to Hawaii and got on the bus and they were there. As it turns out, they were going up to BYU to visit their cousin and I ended up getting them killer seats at the PCC and spending the day with them.

You know how schools sometimes make lunches for kids? Sandwiches and chips and an apple? Well...welcome to Polynesian land where little children get saran-wrapped blocks of RICE. Ha. I'm pretty sure when I leave here I'm gonna be really confused as to why people don't eat tons of rice at every meal.

I saw this quote at the PCC, and I really like it. However I find it a little bit ironic since the Polynesian way of getting rested is to take a rest. And then take a break. And then have lunch.

Annnd I just wanted to end with a throwback in case my mom still reads my blog. I miss Manny and Art. And you. (10 days!)

[Title from Impossible by Anberlin]

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