ain't gon' stress you

Every day around three I pick up Jada from school. Smelling like middle school-- linoleum, stale air, and sometimes grape soda.

We pick up Jace from school, always sure to turn up his favorite songs really loudm always trying to be a hip big sister instead of a boring old person.

We like to go shopping, Jada needs heels to compensate for her barely five foot frame. Jace waits in the car.

My bangs are long and shabby. I like that I can't see...especially when I drive. It makes it more... adventurous.

I get to see the sunrise every morning chauffeuring jace from seminary to school.

The back room is sad and empty, except for my bed which usually gets propped up against the wall.

he doesn't even know we have carpet

We have a new missionary from Hawaii. We miss Robinson a lot. They all try to speak Sunrise talk. It's amusing. I will miss it.

[Title from You Be Killin 'Em by Fabolous]

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