Closin' the gap

I have all these entries that I started and never finished. I started one a while ago about my job. And I figured since I don't even work there anymore, much less live in the same state, I should finish it. Or at least pretend it's finished. So here goes.

It's not a secret that I have the easiest job ever. I pretty much water plants. And do nothing.

My boss is Tongan, and he is possible my most favorite man in the world. His english isn't the best, but that makes him more endearing. He likes to say "take it out my phone" instead of "take my phone". I love him. [post edit: I miss him]. He and his wife treat me like their daughter and it makes me feel a little better being 6,080 miles away from home. [I used google maps on my phone to find that..personal favorite is this part:
I love kayaking across the pacific. All day every day.]

But his work ethic is...perfect for managing the plant nursery. We like to sit in the office and talk about life. Which usually means he lectures me about boys. He usually only works til around noon and then goes home for the day. So I sit in the office spinning around on the spinning chair. Hard day's work.

Alyssa and I collect berries. We use them to mash up and make Native American finger paint. And to decorate our feet.

One time some people had to come drill a 30 foot hole in the ground to test the soil quality. They offered to fill it back in, and since I was the only one there I made the executive decision to not let them. I saw too much potential. I chopped up a dead body and dropped it down the hole. Not really. But I did throw things in it and play in the mud like the mature college student that I am.

We caught mongoose..mongooses? mongeese? Anyway. One time I caught one the way you'd catch a cat or a dog. It was purely an accident.

Nasty lil' animal. They just hiss like ducks. And bite things. Like people. They also eat chicken brains. Tevita from the cafeteria told me that.

One time we had to deliver plants for graduation. I decided that I wanted to ride in the back with the trees. Micheal objected. I did it anyway. Nafe took the corners too fast.
This was my view:

This was their view:

Yep, Nafe's first reaction was to take a picture, not try and lift the trees (which felt heavier than they look) off of me.

I miss these fools.

Alyssa and I spent a lot of time lounging underneath the trees outside the social sciences building. It was beautiful. I miss it. Her, my job, this view.

[Title from Little Red Rodeo by Collin Raye]

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