excuse me.

I feel morose. And unfriendly. It's been a rough couple of days, during which I felt like I've hated everyone.

I'm way too sensitive. I take everything personally, even when people aren't intending to be rude. And while I recognize that I just need to get over it, it's easier said than done. The good part now is that I can just brush it off and categorize those people into "people I'm NOT going to miss". I'll show them. Muahahaha.

I hate growing up and being adult. I hate having to forgive and forget. Being mature is hard, and I would rather be an immature kid than an immature adult. Growing old should be an option as much as being mature is. I would choose to be young and naive forever.

I wish I were still a child. To have my mom protect me from everything, to be allowed to say what I feel, to not worry about things the way I do. To be allowed to just be mad at people for things they do without having to acknowledge that sometimes I'm wrong in being upset. I would like to be a kid again, please.

And to have a horse, always.

[Title from Tonight by Ne-Yo]

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