imprint on my mind

I went to Key Biscane with the Young Ambassadors, who are as dramatic on stage as they are in real life.

It was beautiful and sunny and I got a nice tan...or at least I'll have a tan when my burn fades.

It was beautiful. It was one of those days that I'll revisit a million times in head. One of those days where everything moves so slow and calm and peaceful that all you can do is take mental snapshots of the gloriousness of it all. Specific images and feelings.

Sitting on top of the world listening to satellite radio. Crossing the steel bridges and seeing the landscape-- a patchwork of buildings stacked up against a blanket of cool blue water.

Sinking my feet into the blistering heat of the sand, only finding relief with them buried three inches deep.

My skin turning red early from the sting of a sand-covered volleyball and then the intensity of the relentless sun as the day progressed.

Laying in the shallow water touching the rocks illegally and staring at the lighthouse, picking up shells and beer bottle caps, make them something to put on your middle school backpack

The people posed like statues on the boat shooting through the water to the invisible island to play golf, one went back to change. The weird dragon moat and incorporating dance moves into football tosses.

The shade of the trees, the relief from the heat. The well worn wooden picnic bench that's resilient against plastic knives. Picking pig skin out of my rice while listening to the South African girl use a fake accent.

Things that will only mean something to me, but they'll mean something forever.

Being DJ on the way home--as always. Seeing the football team practicing at Plantation and being confused because today should have been a saturday, it felt like a saturday. But it was Thursday.

The post-beach feeling--cool relief on my sun-kissed arms covered in dried salt water. Eating warm juicy strawberries and staining my hands, licking my fingers tasting the sweetness of the strawberries and the salt on my lips.

it was a glorious day. i love sun.

The missionaries cancelled, or rather postponed til Saturday. I forgave them.

[Title from Sunburn by Owl City]

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