light starts in a dark place

The grown up party was Sunday.

It was awkward because I am awkward, so I sat in the back playing uno, while simultaneously being overwhelmed by the lovely people there and the lovely things they've done for my little family.

People drove from Hollywood and Miami just to be here to support us.

Not that my mother isn't worth any amount of driving...

I managed to rope a few of the younger old people into playing cards with me in the kitchen.

[Note to self: I am eternally indebted to Kellie for running out to my car in the middle of sacrament to get my talk which I intentionally accidentally left in the car.]

I wasn't exactly prepared for the party. I showed up and hijacked the children's bathroom to finish getting ready, showing Jim what it would be like when his daughter grows up. I flounced out of the bathroom and sat on the couch to listen to Deidra talk about sloppy drunks on cruises. I'm envious of her ability to turn the most everyday situation into comical sketches. I envy her humor and her quick wit. Guests start arriving and we all pretend to be normal. I don't eat the peanut and cranberry mixture, but I make up for it by helping Princesse finish all the mangoes.

I love them, even when they have the nerve to criticize my Hawaiian pictures with their Portuguese accents.

I really, really liked Lori's shoes. And I enjoy her sarcasm and dry humor. I need to get me some of that.

And her face is nice too. I like her hair and the way she'll be pretty forever and how she's the best singer and her blue rings.

This family is brave and kind. Brave because they hosted the kid party (30 or 40 kids under the age of 18) and kind for everything else they've done. Which has been a lot--more than we could ever ask for.

And then there's Jim and Deidra, pictured here making their "Mormon" faces.

The party, the milk, the cable, the spare bedroom, the children, the pool, the egg rolls, I could go on of all the ways they have saved my life. I aspire to be at least half of what they are.

And then there's Grandma Judy. One conversation will have you hooked. She's hip, she's smart, and she doesn't play board games.

The missionaries make their appearance about half an hour after the party ended and they collect leftovers. I suppose I could say "better late than never", but I prefer all's well that ends well. And it did end well.

[Title from Brink of Disaster by Mae]


  1. Brid,

    Sorry if I said more than I should! I enjoy your pictures! I am just jealous!

    All the best!

  2. Brid, you are amazing. As is your mom.

    Sorry if it seems like I've been internet stalking you too much lately. You're just worth the creepiness. And work is slow.