we don't need a map, you can throw your phone away

I am a bad mom.

My mom went out of town the week I got home, and I got to be the mom for a week. Initially I was excited. You know, trips to the pool, park, making crafts and baking. Well...those things all happened. Just not in the safe calm manner that I expected.

First on the list is, of course, punishment. I had a happy mask that the kids had to wear when they refused to be happy. It turned out pretty well...except that Kenyan was the one who wore it the most.

(I realize that she looks like that weird scary kid from that non-scary scary movie Halloween. That was unintentional.)

We did go to the pool. And since I'm a bad mother, we had sunburns to prove it.

I let Kenyan sit in the front seat and wear my glasses, so that she could be hip.

And when she wasn't in the front seat I let her sit on Jada.

I brought Domino with me everywhere we went, since he's pretty much my favorite of the kids. And since Jada and Kenyan only took up one seat, he got a seat all to himself.

So one time we were driving home from the library listening to danza kuduro way too loud and Aria was screaming out the window and there were a million kids and a dog hanging out the windows. You know, typical/normal day in my life. We pulled up to a stoplight and were right next to a corner house. The noise/chaos continued til Jace (the only normal one in our family) taps me and points to the house. And there is this little spanish guy who'd been doing yard work who was standing in the bushes STARING at us. I turned down the music and turned off Aria's screaming in an attempt to be half normal. He yells out "everything ok?" and, totally embarrassed, I said yes, because we were. And then I looked back at the road. And I looked over later and he was STILL STANDING THERE STARING. What the heck.(you have to click on the picture to make it bigger in order to see the man. yes, i drew him. i didn't have the guts to whip out my phone and snap a pic of him. it would have only added to the confusion.)

I was sitting there praying for the light to change (why does this have to be the longest light ever??) and realized that he was STILL STARING. So I turned the music back on and up, and told Aria she could resume screaming. Suck it, spanish man. Then the light turned green. :)

Proof that they were happy at least once:

(yes, half the kids in this picture aren't even my siblings. so what.)

Grocery store trips turned into scavenger hunt. Losers got locked in the freezer.

We also stopped to take pictures outside of Wal-Mart. Because hey, why not?

Other forms of punishment:

I lied. We used sunscreen.

Bedtime was always eventful. I walked in one night and Kenyan was doing a handstand against the wall while Aria was sitting next to her using her iPod to shine a light on Kenyan. I just stared at them...bewildered. Aria stared back with big, innocent eyes and Kenyan just stayed there, still in a handstand, and said "oops." I had to leave the room to laugh. Then I came back in and told them to sleep, please no more gymnastics.

post office -______-

We baked a lot. Sometimes it was a disaster.

We got pictures taken. Which was probably the only time I've gotten dressed since being home (okay mom...I get it now.)

And then there were award ceremonies, because these kids are geniuses.

It was eventful, to say the least.

And I was probably the most excited for my wonderful mother to return.

Love you mom!

[Title from California by Metro Station]

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