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Monday used to mean seminary and school. Unfinished homework and regret for not sleeping earlier Sunday night. Taking Sunday naps is always a bad idea, since it leads to not being tired Sunday night. But I love Sunday naps.

Mondays are different now, part of the joy of having few obligations. Mondays are an end to haphazardness, deep cleaning, and instability. Mondays are a clean slate, a fresh start. Mondays are the beginning, a start to making this week productive, this day constructive.

It starts with a clean house, with kids up early and dressed and fed and rushed to school. With driving, getting groceries, baking for our Hawaiian dinner party tonight. Loud music and cold AC and empty rooms.

Taking kids to seminary, high school, elementary school, middle school. Going to Wal-Mart, Target, American Eagle, the bank, this little car is becoming my best friend.

There's not much time. Mornings fly by to turn into long, busy afternoons. It won't be long before the house is loud and bustling, with homework and piano practice and hungry kids and children wanting to go to the park, the library, the pool. It won't be long before the cool and clean house turns into a warm concoction of children, toys, and energy. When all my energy dissipates and the younger, less tired ones take over. When all I can do is lay on the carpet and watch their feet and their interactions. Listen to their noises, their stories of the day, their TV shows, their worries. Watch my house become destroyed by the tornado that is my siblings.

But I love that just as much.

[Title from Strawberry Avalanche by Owl City]

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