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Okay, this doesn't belong here. You've read this already. It's supposed to be hanging out in the June 9th ish section. But blogger's being a temperamental IDIOT. And I would rather have it out of order than not have it at all. Which is saying something. So don't read this. Just skip it and leave it for me to look back on when I feel like it.

We're gone. South Florida is no more until I save my pennies and buy a plane ticket. We're currently residing in Orlando, in a quaint gated community. It's cool and breezy outside and I've been out on the porch watching the sun go down and writing my little heart out. It's becoming quite an addiction. And my infatuation with the weather and scenery is probably not a good thing, since it's not going to be mine for much longer. But if I've learned nothing else in my life, I've learned to enjoy the moment and appreciate what you have while you have it. And I am certainly appreciating the beauty of this place.

Yesterday (was it really just yesterday?) started with a sad person with slumped shoulders coming in and saying "Good morning, I've gotta find a new best friend." It's really unfortunate that it was too funny to mean anything.

Then I hosted the most successful birthday event of my life. It was short, but it was sufficiently appreciated.

I may or may not have gotten carried away at Party City. I went in there to buy crepe paper and party hats. I came out with balloons that I paid money to have filled, because I am an impulse buyer and when they asked me at the register if I wanted the balloons filled for just X amount of money, I realized that YES, I do. What was I thinking? That I was just going to blow them up? How boring. In fact, I don't just WANT them filled, I NEED them filled. And I also needed to buy that zebra cowboy hat that is completely unnecessary, and hey, while I'm at it, why don't I get a hot pink balloon with a feather boa around it? Because this all makes sense. There went my entire paycheck. And I have this little minion to thank for it.

Which is why I don't bring her with on shopping trips.
But it was fun, and the room looked cool. And that is why I had a job, right?

There was so much mayhem and excitement. I love planning parties more than attending them. I love people's reactions, I love the pressure of trying to pull it off on time against the odds. As long as there's loud, hype music, long dark halls to run down, and freezing relief society rooms with ceilings waiting to have streamers taped to them.

There were appropriate amounts of surprise, enthusiasm, and excitement.

And the blue-frosted-cookies-with-doodles were properly acknowledged and appreciated. And they even tasted good, if I do say so myself.

I loved the emotion of the day. It was a good distraction from the fact that it was the last time I was ever going to see that room and those people.

And then there was Jada in the bathroom washing her feet. "Wouldn't want to start a new life with dirty feet..." Touché.

Then came a small round of stress, panic, work, and sadness. All in a span of about fifteen minutes.
Everyone complained about taking this picture, as I expected they would, but I had to get a picture of them all together. These people literally made miracles happen. They comprised the support group that carried my family through this awful time. Their love, concern, and generosity was overwhelming. They are the hardest thing about leaving. I will miss them, their diverse, unique talents, and their love for my family.

[Notice our car in the background, packed with an open door, ready and waiting to go.]

Then we jammed everyone in the car as uncomfortably as possible for the short jaunt to rescue our canine friend.

We figured that if we made it as awful as possible for the first twelve minutes then we could be all LOL JK and then give them space that they'd appreciate. I don't think they appreciated us doing that.

We rescued our dog. I went back to get food and found it completely empty. You have to understand, we buy our dog food fifty pounds at a time. We dump it into a metal garbage can and refill it as soon as it's halfway gone. It has never been empty. It represented the way I felt about a lot of things. I was taken by surprise to find that it was empty, gone. But that's why we're leaving, I suppose.

[photocred: Jace]

Then it was a final drive down these wide, winding roads. A final recounting of memories we'd had in these places, too many to count or tell. Just enough to sum up into a feeling, an acknowledgement that we'd become the people we are by these experiences that had built and changed us, an assurance that we'd never forget.

And then we were off to start our new lives, to embark on our new adventure.

We saw key deer and many dead animals. We listened to hype, exciting songs like Chelsea, Sunlight, Stacy's Mom, and Tonight Tonight, which has become my family's favorite song. I put it on my iPod right before we left and the play count is already over 100. And I'm still not sick of it. Which is impressive. We listened to "I Do Not Hook Up" by Kelly Clarkson, and after belting out the chorus Aria pops up with "Guys. I really don't." much to the relief (and amusement) of everyone in the car.

We drove and drove. I spent my time dropping pens and iPods down into the black hole on the side of my seat, yelling in frustration and retrieving them utilizing my unique ability to grab things with my toes. And everybody said that it was a useless skill...

We stopped once at a rest stop. It happened to be the rest stop halfway between Orlando and home, the one where we always stopped on temple trips to use the bathroom and blow our money on Dippin' Dots from vending machine. The one where I would always go in the East entrance and leave through the West exit and have a heart attack when the car I came in was no longer there. It was nice to visit again. We drove past Ft. Pierce which everyone in our family knows as Port Fierce, compliments of Alyssa. Jace took Domino out for a walk...or so I heard. I was asleep for the first five minutes at the rest stop and only woke up when he tried to open the door without unlocking it and the alarm went off. For the record, the alarm is a LOT louder from inside the car.

Domino is being so well behaved. It's a little scary. He's a pretty devilish dog, as far as obedience goes. He's really playful and explorative, so being on a leash or being calm is hard for him. He usually makes every attempt to get off his leash, jump out of a car, or run away. But he seems to get that there's something going on. He willingly got back in the car at the rest stop. I took him running yesterday and usually this involves me trying to keep up with him as he sprints all over, pulling me around people and in front of cars, chasing squirrels and finding new friends. It usually includes him running back and forth tangling me up in his leash. Then he stops suddenly to check something out and it causes physical pain for both of us. But yesterday he stayed at my side, rarely jerking his leash and being content to just be outside, the way I was. He sat by my side yesterday evening as I put pictures and words together. I'm glad we have him.

Last night I had two choices. I could have been an adult or a kid. I could have hung out here, eating pizza and then staying up late watching Harry Potter. Instead I went out with the grown ups and ate shrimp and then came home, walked in the door, and went straight to sleep. I had no desire to stay with the kids. No excitement for the potential of no parents around, no rules, no one caring if pizza was eaten on the couch or if I went to bed before midnight. That was weird. But I'm still too much of a kid to be at adult dinners. I didn't have kids to talk about and I had to answer all the question about how I like school and how I feel about things. So in short, I'm still stuck in the I-don't-belong-anywhere phase. And I still love it.

I fell asleep by pretending to be asleep, waking up next to a piano when it was still dark being severely confused as to where I was and thinking I needed to get Jace to seminary.

I woke up and went in to write some more (I'm telling you, it's an addiction) and I'm currently fighting the effect of the cats that I'm residing with. You know, keeping the tissues close and poppin' Zyrtec like it's nobody's business.

The real adults are gone. We had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, topped with whipped cream that now covers part of the floor. The real kids are now wrestling and shooting Nerf guns at each other and sword fighting with light sabers and blasting music and sliding down the stairs.

And I am sitting comfortably on the couch with my tissues being neither of these two parties, being content just to sit here and be my awkward self, and loving every minute of it.

[Title from Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae]

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  1. <3 Glad you guys made it safely up there!! Keep blogging. I love the way you write!!