like energon cubes

Brace yourself. This is gonna be long.

We arrived at destination 1 ½ safely. Everyone was relieved to get out of the car and stretch their legs. And there was certainly plenty of room to do so.




We ran around for a while, and then I lay in the grass and watched the world go by.



[Oh look, another picture of my dog]

I went past the baby grand piano and up a spiral staircase into the coolest attic I’ve ever seen, dismissing the fact that it’d be perfect for a scary movie. Beautifully perfect pale rooms with slanted ceilings and just enough light coming in the windows. It was hot and the air was still and it reminded me of the upstairs of Beauty and the Beast. There was even a wall that had bookcases built into it.

After I was done creepin through other people’s houses, it was time to leave again. This was just a pit stop. I rode in the back for the first little while, trying to rearrange the cooler so that it would shut.


We were so lucky to have such delicious food!


We pushed our little car down long stretches of road while listening to Mae and eating sugar snap peas and grape tomatoes [grapes not included]



Then we had a little hairstyling party in the back while Jace sat shotgun. Poor guy. He did give the obligatory “NO!” when we turned on Taylor Swift, but I’m certain that he secretly loved it.


{I won for uniqueness/resemblance to an alien}


Then mom wanted to get in on the fun...from the front seat. It was challenging. Think Iron Chef meets…a show about hair.





For those of you who noticed that Aria is not in our car, don’t worry. We didn’t just leave her at a gas station like we’d sometimes considered. She was in another car with our friends.

We drove down more endless stretches of road seeing wildlife and hanging on as mother swerved to avoid turtles crossing the road. Those little things are fearless.



{That’s the car that Aria’s in, leading us to a hidden place of peace and quiet}

We crossed a bridge. Just a heads up: any time you cross a bridge in the direction of an island, you should be excited.



We were excited. There was much running, screaming, gratitude, and more screaming.

I was just relieved to be somewhere, anywhere really.


It was both beautiful and perfect.



I mean, there was even a leather trunk full of books. It doesn’t get much better than that!




We had our own condo, right on top of our friends. Our own kitchen and laundry room, our own space to make messes. The first we’ve had since we moved out and the last we’ll have until our new house. It was peaceful, quiet, clean, and heavily air conditioned. It was perfect.




We unpacked our things and headed to the beach to watch the sunset.



And, of course, it was breath taking. The white sugar sand was cool underneath our feet as we watched the sun go down.


I mean really, I couldn’t have imagined anything more perfect.



Except maybe that Jace would smile in pictures.

After the sun was sufficiently departed and we had thoroughly enjoyed the salt water we walked across the street to get home. We were sent to Publix for some necessities and found everyone to be nice. They must have known that they were living on a beautiful island and were so happy to be there that you could see it in their faces and words. Except for that one grumpy checkout man, but never mind him.

We came home to the most delicious grilled food and the best company. At the end of the day my eyelids were so heavy and I’d never been so content to sleep. Gratefully I had a huge soft, cool bed to crash on. I could not have asked for anything better.



[Title from Point of Extinction by Motion City Soundtrack]

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