there's no way we're gonna give up

hello june!

i love you, hurricane season. i'm sad that this is the last first day.
i love you, Heat. but only because you're winning. :)

i have twenty four hours left in my house. it doesn't feel real. this has always been home, and was supposed to always be home.

i drew this picture of my house once.

i think it was pretty accurate.

i've spent the last week baking and packing and baking and packing. cakes, cookies, pies, pork, chicken, taquitos, carnitas, and rice. trying to use up everything, to get rid of everything. staying up til 2 am packing and then getting up at six to start all over again. i have cuts, burns, and bruises from all the activity. our fridge is in the living room, our piano's almost gone. i wish i could wake up tomorrow and have this all be back to normal. but then again...i guess my family was never normal.

mother and i went to the store the other day. we acknowledged the reminder at the checkout line. ONLY in south florida.

domino has taken to living inside, despite the protests of my allergies. i've taken to living with swollen eyes and a swollen throat.
i'm not sure how he's gonna handle the move.

this is almost over.

[Title from Harder to Breathe by Maroon 5]

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