making noise

Sometimes I like to take pictures. Sometimes I pretend to get really creative and take cool pictures, but my favorite ones are pictures of things that make me laugh.

Like when Kenyan decides to sit in the bathtub to watch me do my hair. Because she doesn’t like standing and sitting on the toilet with pants on is “weird”.


Sometimes my pictures are blurry. My trusty little camera phone got a little banged up in the crash. It’s alright, though, because sometimes my vision’s a little blurry so this is a pretty accurate depiction of what I see in real life.

It’s pretty funny to me to see grown men sleeping in their chairs reading the paper. At one in the afternoon.


Sometimes I like to take pictures to remind myself of how physically pathetic we are right now.

Like when Kenyan can’t keep up with cute little babies so she snags them by the top of their overalls.


Or when my mom gets all dressed up in her little dress and gets ready to head out the door, then grudgingly turns around and picks up her cumbersome neck brace—the fashionable cherry on top.


Or when I sit in bed with the girls making Wal-Mart lists, remembering things like a new collarbone for me, a new hip for Kenyan and ice cream for Aria.

2011-07-20 10.58.19

2011-07-20 11.01.28

Sometimes I take pictures to remember what life was like here. Things like Jace, Kenyan, and I wearing all the same shirts or my need for every medical supply that Wal-Mart sells.



Sometimes I take pictures because I never want to forget this period of my life where I literally couldn’t walk. Where showers and teeth-brushing were the most difficult parts of my day. Sometimes I take pictures because I want to help Kenyan remember this time too.

2011-07-19 23.12.38

[Um…I don’t know why Kenyan’s hand looks like that. Please don’t have a heart attack, it doesn’t look like that in real life.]

And when Joy is nice enough to wear sympathy Band-Aids, that seriously needs to be documented.


Sometimes I take pictures to remember the really nice things that people do for us.


Because they make us happy.


IMG-20110715-01420IMG-20110715-01421 558

[Jim Johnson made us pumpkin flan.  My mom says she gained four pounds from it, but I don’t believe it for a second.]

Sometimes I take pictures of things because otherwise I wouldn’t believe this is real.

I can’t believe that I’m living in a place where horses randomly gallop across the highway….ACROSS THE HIGHWAY! What?


I can’t believe that my mother, one month after a car wreck, is not only doing okay, but is speaking at a conference. The big, important, guest speaker, for that matter. In a place she doesn’t live. Who does that? Oh right. My mom.


Sometimes I take pictures because Aria is the ringleader of the little girls and Kenyan is always kicking the boys’ butts at computer games and these are both important things to remember.



Most frequently I just take pictures because my family is weird.





But I like it. And I like them. The end.

2011-07-18 17.24.26 2011-07-20 10.36.53

In 24 hours I’ll be in Utah. I’ve never been so excited to be in that state. Except I’m gonna miss these guys. Also it’s the first time I’ll be apart from them since April. And I don’t know who I’m going to take pictures of.

Any volunteers?

[Title from Bring ‘Em Out by Hawk Nelson]


  1. You can take pictures of me :) We can, um, "liberate" some balloons from a fast food joint ;)

  2. Bridian!!! You're going to be in Utah tomorrow?! we must find Addison and PLAY!!! I love you! i'll text you!

  3. Take pictures with me. our pictures are the best. No one takes better pictures than us. look at our pictures for proof.